A Delicate Matter is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"I would have us travel together, Arisen. I cannot disclose details, but trust me that it is a matter of great interest to your homeland and mine."

Escort Julien to the Greatwall Encampment.

This quest is only available at the Gran Soren inn if Julien is imprisoned and spoken to in the Duke's Dungeon after the quest Pride Before a Fall.

Taking this story path with also award the Arisen with Julien's magic shield, the Wizard's Vizard.

The Arisen must slay him during his duel with Mercedes and immediately revive him with a Wakestone in order for Julien to wind up in the dungeon and for this quest to appear.


For routes and advice see Escort Quest Walkthroughs.
A Delicate Matter (escort quest walkthrough)01:55

A Delicate Matter (escort quest walkthrough)

Afterward acquiring Julien's magic shield in the quest Pride Before a Fall, this escort quest will appear at the Gran Soren Inn. Travel ahead (without Julien) to the Greatwall Encampement and deploy a Portcrystal if the party hasn't already done so. Then Ferrystone back to Gran Soren, accept the quest and Ferrystone (with Julien) back to the Greatwall Portcrystal in complete safety.

In general Julien, is a capable companion, better armoured and better able to defend himself than most - as a male character there may be difficulties with the female bandits at the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, if that path is taken.

The quest completes once the Greatwall is reached, and the reward given, the warrior longsword Golden Lance - Julien will then return to the Dungeon.


  • Julien cannot be given presents during this quest.
  • Julien will arm himself with his mask, armor, Threaded Cudgel and Wizard's Vizard when he leaves the Duke's dungeon, and dons his prison garb when he returns.
  • The quest will become unavailable (or fail) during Deny Salvation


A Delicate Matter - Golden Lance09:37

A Delicate Matter - Golden Lance