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A Delicate Matter

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A Delicate Matter
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Notice Board at Gran Soren Inn
5,000 Gold
3000 Exp.
Golden Lance
Escort Quest

A Delicate Matter is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



"I would have us travel together, Arisen. I cannot disclose details, but trust me that it is a matter of great interest to your homeland and mine."

This quest is available after completing Aldous' quests and usually only if you kill Julien during his duel with Mercedes and immediately revive him with a wakestone. You can give him gifts at any time (he likes Festival Pie) but the quest is only available while he is imprisoned in the Duke's dungeon.


It is suggested that on arrival in Greatwall Encampment, place a port crystal for easy travelling to and from Barta Crags. Otherwise, after accepting this quest, head north past the bridge connecting central and northern Gransys and then west through the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, then north into the Encampment.

Upon approaching the Heavenspeak Fort, be wary of the misandrist bandits you will encounter, as well as their pet cyclops. If strictly following the road, you will encounter both normal Harpies as well as Snow Harpies. A chimera can be encountered between the Fort and the Greatwall Encampment, but it can be avoided.


  • Julien follows you everywhere-- even if you decide to take on another quest-- unless he dies.
  • He can also assist (although contributes little) in combat.
  • He does not sprint, so make sure to check back on him every now and then. You cannot give him presents during this quest, however upon completion, his character is still in the dungeons.
  • Julien will arm himself with his mask, armor and weapons when he leaves the Castle's dungeon, and dons his civilian garb when he returns.

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