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A Parting Gift
"Afore you depart, I would have you take this: A gift, from all of us."
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Lost and Found
Talent in Bloom
10,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
Unique Healing Item

A Parting Gift is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



This will be offered to the Arisen following the completion of the quests, Lost and Found & Talent in Bloom by talking to Clarus in the Abbey.

  • Warning: This quest should be started immediately after completing Talent in Bloom.
    • After returning to the Abbey and talking to Quina to end Talent in Bloom, the area should be reset by entering the nearby rift stone. Upon exiting from the rift, Clarus should be available inside the Abbey.
    • The solution above may not always work. If the Arisen gives away a Blessed Flower from Storage, Talent in Bloom will complete as normal but Clarus may not move into the Abbey.
  • Warning: This quest will be canceled upon completion of the quest Reward and Responsibility.


(7 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Parting Gift Hero Trophy Guide03:48

(7 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Parting Gift Hero Trophy Guide

A Parting Gift ~ Video Walkthrough

In order to begin this quest, go to the Abbey (in the Wilted Forest) and into the Church. There you will see Clarus who will inform the player that  Quina is going to be departing to the Grand Cathedral shortly. Clarus will then ask you to go into the Catacombs in search of the Pilgrim's Charm, which she wishes to give to Quina before she leaves.

If you've already purchased the Pilgrim's Charm from Fournival or found it in Soulflayer Canyon, you may talk to Clarus again, give it to her, and immediately finish the Quest. Note, however, that you will not receive the full reward if completed in this way.

To experience the entirety of this Quest, make your way to the southernmost entrance to the Catacombs (the one accessed by entering a trap door just within the ruined walls outside of Gran Soren). Note that you will need to have already entered the Catacombs prior to this in order to have broken the wooden bar on the other side of the door just inside, else you will not be able to pass through it. On entering this entrance to the Catacombs, you'll find that Quina is already there, ready to accompany you in your search. Be sure to answer "I do" when she questions you, or else she will immediately return to The Abbey and the Quest will revert back to functioning as if you acquired the Pilgrim's Charm via other means, even if you then proceed to pick up the one in the Catacombs. This means you will receive 'lesser' reward upon Quest completion. 

If you have to enter the Catacombs from the secondary entrance (under the bridge) because the southernmost entrance (the trapdoor) is barred closed, Quina will ''magically teleport'' to meet you at this location to continue the quest after you accept her help at the southernmost entrance. 

Make your way along the passage, taking out any Spiders that you may encounter, until you enter a much larger area. The Pilgrim's Charm is found within a chest on your right, but it's being guarded by a Specter. This will most likely be your first encounter with this enemy, but it functions similarly to a Phantom, so it will fall quickly to magic, particularly Holy. Quina will also aid you with spells like Comestion. On picking up the Pilgrim's Charm, Quina will tell you that she's returning to The Abbey and leaves.

Whichever way you acquired the Pilgrim's Charm, return to The Abbey and talk to Clarus to hand it to her. This triggers a cut-scene (which carries a whole new meaning if you didn't just buy the charm) and presents you with your reward of Experience Points and 5 Ne'er-Do-Part flowers. If you went into the Catacombs with Quina, you'll receive more Experience Points and 10 Ne'er-Do-Part flowers.


  • The Pilgrim's Charm may be purchased in Gran Soren from Fournival, to speed up the completion of the quest.
  • Note that if you want to complete the quest by going to the Catacombs, you have to avoid picking up any Pilgrim's Charms elsewhere. Picking up a charm will result in the quest advancing to its delivery stage, removing Quina from the Catacombs and barring you from completing the quest that way.
  • If you want the 10 flowers but do not want to do the whole walk with Quina in the Catacombs (or forgot to unbar the door mentioned in the walkthrough above earlier) then simply go and meet her in the Catacombs then ferrystone out, buy a Pilgrim's Charm from Fournival or Aestella and hand that in.

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