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A Parting Gift
"Afore you depart, I would have you take this: A gift, from all of us."
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Lost and Found
Talent in Bloom
10,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
Unique Healing Item

A Parting Gift is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.



This quest will be offered following the completion of the quests Lost and Found & Talent in Bloom by talking to Clarus in The Abbey.

Warning: This quest should be started immediately after completing Talent in Bloom.

Be sure to complete this quest before completing Reward and Responsibility or A Parting Gift will cancel / fail.


(7 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Parting Gift Hero Trophy Guide03:48

(7 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Parting Gift Hero Trophy Guide

A Parting Gift ~ Video Walkthrough

To begin this quest, enter the Abbey in the Wilted Forest. Clarus will mention that Quina will be departing for Gran Soren's Grand Cathedral shortly and requests a Pilgrim's Charm from the Catacombs to give to her before she leaves.

If the player has already brought with them a purchased Pilgrim's Charm from Fournival or found one in Soulflayer Canyon, present it to Clarus to immediately finish the quest. The quest will not grant the full reward if it is completed in this way.

To experience the entirety of this quest, head to the southernmost entrance to the Catacombs (the one accessed by entering a trap door just within the ruined walls outside of Gran Soren).  

Note that the player needs to have already entered the Catacombs prior to this quest in order to have broken the wooden bar on the other side of the door.  

From this southernmost entrance to the Catacombs, Quina awaits at the bottom of the ladder.  

Answer "I do" when she asks her question or else she will immediately return to The Abbey and the quest will only grant the "lesser" reward upon successful completion. 

One can still enter The Catacombs and meet Quina from the secondary entrance (under the bridge) once her help has been accepted at the the bottom of the ladder at the southernmost entrance (if the door is blocked). 

Along the passage, slay all the Spiders until a much larger area is reached. The Pilgrim's Charm can be found within a chest on the right, guarded by a Specter. It is weak against magic, particularly Holy. Quina will help with spells like Comestion. Upon picking up the Pilgrim's Charm, Quina will return to The Abbey.

However the Pilgrim's Charm was acquired, return to The Abbey and submit it to Clarus to recieve the quest reward of Experience Points and 5 Ne'er-Do-Part flowers (the "lesser" reward). If the Pilgrim's Charm was acquired within the Catacombs with Quina, the quest awards more Experience Points and 10 Ne'er-Do-Part flowers.


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