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A Parting Tribute
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Notice Board at Gran Soren Union Inn
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Escort Quest

A Parting Tribute is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


A Parting Tribute is the name given to several separate escort quests:


You've one chance to boost a companion's affinity by escorting them safely to their destination.


"I would offer a prayer at the resting place of my fallen brother-in-arms afore I leave on the great march.  An escort would be most welcome."


Head to the Manamia Trail just ahead of the Cassardis Encampment and follow the road. Beware of the bandits and wolves that you will come across. Eventually, you will find yourself at the road leading to Witchwood. Ignore that road and head straight forward on the other path until you come across a clearing with a bandit hideout and a Cyclops camped in front of the Ruins of the Aernst Castle .
After defeating the Cyclops and the bandits, you are now ready to enter the ruins. Just follow the path into it until you see Maul and his guild of thieves. It's up to you whether you want to take his quest (No Honor Among Thieves ) now or leave it for later, but move on to the exit just behind him where the road splits. Follow the path to your left and go on straight ahead, slaying Saurians  and Goblins as you go. The path will split again but this time follow the one on the right, and on the next split, still follow the one on the right. Go forward a little bit more and you will find yourself in a Rest Camp
Once you're ready, head on back to the path and defeat the Saurians along the way. A little bit ahead of that is a pack of goblins and their prisoner. You will have to defeat them and rescue the prisoner in order to move along with the quest. Once you're done, head right back into the path which will be ridden with goblins, but they're nothing you can't handle. At the end of this will be the final destination of the quest, the Shadow Fort


Base reward:

Individual rewards:

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