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A Parting Tribute is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"I would offer a prayer at the resting place of my fallen brother-in-arms afore I leave on the great march. An escort would be most welcome."

A Parting Tribute is the name given to several separate escort quests. Each gives a base reward of 5000 Gold, 3000 Experience points

For directions and advice, see Escort Quest Walkthroughs.

Ser AerickEdit

Escort Ser Aerick to the Stones of Courage

Ser BerneEdit

Escort Ser Berne to The Shadow Fort.

Ser BryanEdit

Escort Ser Bryan to Warrior's Departure.

Ser DeversEdit

Escort Ser Devers to Warrior's Departure.

Ser GrecioEdit

Escort Ser Grecio to the Warrior's Departure

Ser Nichol Edit

Escort Ser Nichol to the Stones of Courage.

Ser RasterEdit

Escort Ser Raster to Prayer Falls.

Ser RojayEdit

Escort Rojay to Warrior's Departure.

Ser TavinEdit

Escort Ser Tavin to Cape Pactforge

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