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A Troublesome Tome
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Gran Soren
A Matter of Myrmidons
15,000 Gold
8,000 Exp.
20 Rift Crystals

A Troublesome Tome is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "Steffen asks you locate Salomet's grimoire, a tome empowered with arcane magicks. It seems the book yet remains somewhere in Gransys."


Learn More of the Grimoire

  • Find those who may know something of the magick book.

Explore the Thieves' Den

  • The grimoire is stored somewhere in the bandits' hideout. Search the area and claim the tome.

Investigate the Thieves

  • A band of thieves has apparently claimed the tome. head for their territory in the south of Gransys.

Deliver the Grimoire to Steffen

  • Return to Gran Soren and give Salomet's grimoire to Steffen.

Quest Successful

  • You claimed Salomet's grimoire for Steffen. Quest reward received.


This quest can be obtained from Steffen in Gran Soren, immediately upon the first visit to the city. Steffen can usually be found wandering around near the Fountain Square, heading up towards the Noble Quarter.

Steffen will speak of a magical grimoire written by the infamous sorcerer Salomet and ask the Arisen to help it.

This quest has two "optional" routes to take.

It is not necessary to do both as each route will direct the Arisen to where the grimoire is. If the player wishes to skip the optional routes, simply head down to the Investigate the Thieves subsection of the walkthrough.

This walkthrough will assume the player will take both routes.

Learn More of the GrimoireEdit

(5 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Troublesome Tome Hero Trophy Guide03:02

(5 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Troublesome Tome Hero Trophy Guide

A Troublesome Tome ~ Video Walkthrough

The quest will have the Arisen ask around Gran Soren for more information regarding the grimoire. Speak with Camellia at Camellia's Apothecary in the Fountain Square to advance the quest, she will inform the Arisen that she does not deal with magick and that the book was most likely taken by bandits.

Explore the Thieves' DenEdit

At this point, there will be two quest markers; one to the north, to Heavenspeak Fort and the other down south to Rowland. Both routes can be taken, however it is not necessary to do so as going to either one will advance the quest.

The Journey to The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort

Before journeying to Heavenspeak Fort, a couple of precautions will need to be taken.
The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort is home to the Westron Labrys Bandits, an all female group of bandits led by Ophis. Ophis despises men and will only speak to females. If there are any males in the Arisen's party (that includes the Arisen himself or any pawns), she and her bandits will attack on sight. In order to "fool" Ophis, equip all male members of the party with a Set of Lady's Garb purchasable from Montebank at The Black Cat. Ophis favor does not have to be won in order for her to tell the Arisen the whereabouts of the grimoire.

A word of warning to all those who decide to take this route, the path to Heavenspeak Fort from Gran Soren is a perilous one. The roadways leading north are infested with Harpies, Sulfur Saurians, Cyclopes, a Chimera and a myriad of Westron Labrys Bandits lurking in the shadows of the Cursewoods.

Once Heavenspeak Fort has been reached, the bandits inside are not hostile if the above precaution was met. Ophis can be found upstairs, above the main gate. Upon speaking to her, she will state she has no interest in trinkets and to check with her rival gang, The Iron Hammer Bandits, and their leader, Maul who fancies himself as a scholar.

Finding the Scholar Rowland

Rowland can be found on Manamia Trail between The Mountain Waycastle and The Encampment. Upon finding him, the Arisen will find him being robbed by bandits, save him to learn the whereabouts of the grimoire. If he is not saved, it is completely disastrous, as he will still direct the Arisen to the correct location.

Once all the bandits have been slain, Rowland will thank the Arisen but will state that the grimoire was stolen by the local bandits and direct the Arisen to The Ruins of Aernst Castle where the Iron Hammer Bandits, led by the bandit leader Maul, make their home.

While the journey to Aernst Castle is not as dangerous as to Heavenspeak Fort, players should still take caution as the roadways of the Vestad Hills are equally infested with Iron Hammer Bandits.

Investigate the ThievesEdit

Like the Westron Labrys Bandits, the Iron Hammer Bandits are not hostile once their base camp has been reached. While the Iron Hammer Bandits consists of all males, they do not harbor any resentment towards females. Feel free to safety explore around the idea as there is a considerable amount of loot inside.

Be sure to pick up the Wyrmward Perfume, which is required for the quest; Smells Suspicious, and is found atop of the first flight of stairs inside of a chest.

At this point there are two ways to procure the grimoire from Maul, who has grown quite fond of the book.

Steal the Grimoire

The grimoire is in a chest at the very top of the fort, which will require a bit of tricky platforming to reach. This, by-far, is the easiest method of obtaining the grimoire. The bandits will not attack the Arisen, despite stealing from them.

Earn Maul's Respect

Alternatively, Maul can be persuaded to give the grimoire to the Arisen rather than stealing it. To do so, simply gift four Skulls to Maul to gain his favor (or just two skulls, should No Honor Among Thieves already have been completed). Afterwards, he will thank the Arisen and gladly hand over the grimoire.

Choosing this method, the chest at the top of the tower will disappear.

Deliver the Grimoire to SteffenEdit

Once the grimoire has been obtained, return to Steffen to complete this quest.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Upon giving the grimoire to Steffen, he will thank the Arisen for it and the quest will complete.


  • This quest will be unavailable/canceled once the Arisen meets with the Duke and starts the quest; Come to Court.
  • The Salomet's Grimoire can be duplicated and the forgery given to Steffen, thus allowing the Arisen to keep the original which allows a one time use of the item to cast Bolide.
  • Completion of this quest can be useful toward the quest Griffin's Bane.
    • Though this quest is highly dangerous and difficult for lower leveled players, if the Arisen manages to complete the quest there is a major pay-off. In the quest Griffin's Bane, Steffen will show up during the final confrontation with the Griffin in the highest reaches of the tower to aid the Arisen in battle (with the help of Salomet's Grimoire) and will burn the bird to a crisp, helping to ease an otherwise difficult trial.
    • If the grimoire was forged and Salomet's Grimoire Forgery was giving to Steffen instead. Steffen will still make his grand entrance, however the spell will fail and he will question the book's validity. After the Griffin's Bane quest is completed, Steffen will harbor the negative affinity towards the Arisen until the next playthough.
  • Despite contrary belief, the Arisen does NOT have to earn Maul's respect and get his Badge of Amity via the quest; No Honor Among Thieves in order to negotiate with Maul. Simply gift the four Skulls to Maul and he'll hand over the grimoire.
  • There seems to be a quest glitch that the player can not start the quest; No Honor Among Thieves from Maul if A Troublesome Tome is marked active. Simply change the active quest and to pick up the quest from Maul.

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