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A Troublesome Tome
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Gran Soren
A Matter of Myrmidons
15,000 Gold
8,000 Exp.
20 Rift Crystals

A Troublesome Tome is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Steffen asks you locate Salomet's grimoire, a tome empowered with arcane magicks. It seems the book yet remains somewhere in Gransys."

Learn of the Grimoire, its location, recover it, and return it to Steffen.


Speak to Steffen in Gran Soren to begin the quest. Steffen can usually be found wandering around or near the Fountain Square. Steffen will speak of a magical grimoire written by the infamous sorcerer Salomet and ask the Arisen to retrieve it for him.

Learn More of the GrimoireEdit

(5 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Troublesome Tome Hero Trophy Guide03:02

(5 ~ 4) Dragon's Dogma ~ A Troublesome Tome Hero Trophy Guide

A Troublesome Tome ~ Video Walkthrough

Ask around Gran in Soren for more information regarding the grimoire. Speak with Camellia at Camellia's Apothecary in the Fountain Square to advance the quest, she will inform the Arisen that she does not deal with magick and that the book was most likely taken by bandits.

Explore the Thieves' DenEdit

There are two main bandit groups; a male one, Iron Hammer Bandits, led by Maul based at The Ruins of Aernst Castle, and a female one, the Westron Labrys Bandits, based at The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort led by Ophis.

If the party travels to Heavenspeak Fort Ophis will state that she has no interest in "trinkets" and suggest they try the male bandit group. The female bandits are men-haters and will attack on site if the party contains any male members - disguising any male party members in women's cloths, eg Set of Lady's Garb will fool the bandits.

If En route to Aernst Castle via the Manamia Trail the party may encounter the scholar, Rowland, who is beset by a bandit ambush. If saved he will reveal he had possession of the book, but it was taken by the bandits

Witch's Brew, A Troublesome Tome combined walkthroughs-010:37

Witch's Brew, A Troublesome Tome combined walkthroughs-0

Investigate the ThievesEdit

Like the Westron Labrys Bandits, the Iron Hammer Bandits are not hostile once their base camp has been reached. While the Iron Hammer Bandits consists of all males, they do not harbor any resentment towards females.

There are two ways to procure the grimoire from Maul, who has grown quite fond of the book; either theft or flattery:

To steal the Grimoire climb to the veryy top of the fort, which will require a bit of tricky platforming to reach. This, by-far, is the easiest method of obtaining the grimoire. The bandits will not attack the Arisen, despite stealing from them.

Alternatively, to obtain the book as a gift, Maul can be persuaded to give away grimoire if he is sufficiently impressed with the Arisen. To do so, gift Skulls or other items to raise Maul's affinity]; completing the quest No Honor Among Thieves will also raise Maul's affinity. Once his affinity is high enough, Maul will simply hand over the book.

Deliver the Grimoire to SteffenEdit

Once the grimoire has been obtained, return to Steffen to complete this quest.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Upon giving the grimoire to Steffen, he will thank the Arisen for it and the quest will complete.

Either the Grimoire itself or a forgery can be given - if a forgery is gifted, Steffen will note some suspicions - the item gifted affects the later quest Griffin's Bane, and Steffen's affinity towards the Arisen.


  • Most aspects of this quest are optional - if the Grimoire is happened upon by chance the quest can be completed on the first conservation with Steffen.
  • If the Grimoire is obtained as a gift, the chest at the top of the Aernst castle tower will disappear.
  • This quest will become unavailable or be canceled once the Arisen meets with the Duke and starts the quest; Come to Court.
  • If the grimoire was forged the spell will fail when Steffen attempts to use it during the questGriffin's Bane - Steffen will subsequently harbor a grudge towards the Arisen.
  • The journey to Aernst castle is an opportunity to collect a vial Wyrmward Perfume.
  • The quest No Honor Among Thieves will not start if A Troublesome Tome is the active quest - simply change the active quest to allow Maul to give out the other quest.
  • The journey to Heavenspeak Fort is perilous, the one to Aenst castle less so, thought the male bandit on the trail to the fort will still be a dangerous challenge.
  • The Grimoire will reappear at The Black Cat if used or lost.

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