Acquisitor is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the pawn to act in a way such that it might seek out and collect hidden items, even during battle."

This inclination can be raised by frequently going to go pick up items, especially when in battle. It can also be raised by using the item Acquisitor's Elixir.

Acquisitors will pick up items even when in battle - and may interrupt offensive actions if there's any sort of loot hanging about.

Combination Examples

  • Acquisitor + Nexus: Although this won't have much of an effect on battle tactics, this will ensure that this pawn will regularly pick up items dropped all over the current battlefield, though be warned they will fill up quickly as they do not discriminate between valuable treasure and common rocks. This can be helpful while farming.
  • Acquisitor + Pioneer: Like the above, if there's no concern on the pawn's combat effectiveness and their only job is to be a item mule, this would be desirable. Use this set up and watch your pawn strip all of Gransys. Acquisitor will make the pawn gather all the items they can and Pioneer will make them scout ahead for more items to loot.


  • Acquisitor can be a good choice for the Arisen's convenience, but generally bad if one expects a pawn to actively participate in battle. If picking up items is truly an inconvenience to the player then feel free to use this inclination, however please keep in mind most players will quickly reject an Acquisitor pawn.
  • See also Pawn Inclination troubleshooting.