High Affinity

Pink glow surrounding Aelinore displaying high affinity

For the affinity enchantment spells, such as Fire Affinity, see Enchantment Skills.


There is a system in place where the Arisen can develop friendships with other people (NPCs) within the game. Affinity rises and lowers throughout the game based on the Arisen's interactions with the other inhabitants of the world.

High affinity may opens up new escort quests for minor characters, and unlocks high quality merchandise available from merchants.

Raising affinity

Affinty can be raised by several means. The simplest way to raise affinity is by giving gifts (see Affinity Items.), every person has a present of choice and gifting such an item raises affinity faster. Talking to other characters also raises affinity by a lesser limited degree.

The most effective way to increase a person's fondness for you is in completing quests specifically for them; Undertaking Escort Quests is a sure way to greatly increase a person's affinity - often these quests only become available once they have been befriended to a smaller degree.

As affinity rises with the Arisen a characters actions and appearances will be modified - the friend will first show rosy cheeks, and eventually blush when spoken to - characters with the highest level of affinity with the Arisen will 'chime' when spoken too, and be surrounded by a noticeable pink halo when in conversation together. Additionally good friends will call out to the Arisen in the street, greeting them in a friendly manner.

Finally maximum affinity can be got through the gift of the Arisen's Bond. It is a special item made from the Ancient Tablet in the quest The Dragon's Tongue.

Lowering affinity

Affinity is lowered by any antisocial activity - this includes: drawing ones weapon in public, picking people up, running into people, and other actions that cause shock.

More dangerous actions also greatly reduce affinity, including attacking them, and also picking up and throwing them - such actions are considered Crimes in Gran Soren and should be avoided, especially in Gran Soren.

Characters with low affinty may initially recoil or appear shocked at the Arisen's appearance -at very low levels, such as when another has been recently attacked they will run from the Arisen on sight.

In Dark Arisen the special item Liquid Effluvium can be bought from Barroch on Bitterblack Isle after completion of the Quest Eyes of the Deep - gifting this item resets affinity to zero.


In addition to the obvious day to day effects of being a friend (or foe) of another denison of Gransys affinity can have an unexpected side effects: most Shopkeepers and Vendors will offer rarer items with favored customers, and almost all characters will post an Escort Quest once their affinity is above a certain level.

Very rarely high affinity may alter or simplify a quest, such as with the quest A Troublesome Tome.

Finally a person with a strong mutual affinity with the Arisen will become their Beloved during the events of the latter part of the story, specifically during The Final Battle - affinity also effects the final outcome of the game, that is the epilogue to the quest, The Great Hereafter

High affinity quests

Some Quests can easily maximize affinity, even when having zero affinity before completing the Quest. These include:

In general completing a character's quest line will maximize affinity (ie Selene, Madeleine, Mercedes, or Aelinore).

Trophies and Acchievements


  • Favored gifts raise affinity by twice as much as normal gifts - in general a persons favored gift matches their status in life, or occupation - with all soldiers, or nuns, or women in Cassardis each preferring the same specific items within their own social group.
  • The Magick Archer augment Allure increases affinity growth from presents.
  • Be cautious in your interactions with important people - attacking shop and innkeepers will cause them to flee from the Arisen, making their services unavailable for a while
  • Very low affinity gradually returns to normal levels over time.
  • High affinity can also gradually lower over time.
  • In the original version of Dragon's Dogma affinity increased more through talking to people, with the consequence that oft visited persons (such as Asalam) could become 'beloved' without intention - in Dark Arisen this effect was greatly reduced.
  • Please consider taking a short survey about who was your highest affinity character.