Ambrose is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A chamberlain who speaks frankly, yet with a tone of resignation."

Ambrose is usually found close by the Duke in the Audience Chamber or the Duke's Solar. He's carrying Blank Scrolls and drops them when startled by the Arisen.

During the quest The Wyrmking's Ring, he can be asked about the sorcerer who stole a valuable treasure within the castle of Gran Soren.


During Come to Court

  • "I've heard the talk. You're the Arisen, eh? Quite the honor to be employed by the duke himself."
  • "They're putting steel in the hand of every able-bodied man in the duchy, no doubt you've seen. Even so, it may prove too little. Considering the foe, no force is too large."
  • "I do not ken what magick you Arisen work to control the pawns, nor do I care to. Just the same, you're a useful lot when there's need for able hands."
  • "Well, keep it up."

During The Wyrmking's Ring

  • "If there's talk of a sorcerer, it'll be Salomet, no doubt. I'd hoped we were rid of that rat for good. I do not relish thought of his return. But the pilfered ring does bear a strong magickal affinity... 'Tis the sort of bauble Salomet would covet."