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An Innocent Man
"Oh, Father...Where are you!"
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Tomlin in Cassardis
Quest Location
Gran Soren
10,000 Gold
6,000 Exp.
20 Rift Crystals

An Innocent Man is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Tomlin has come to Cassardis in search of his missing father. Like as not you will need to visit the capital for clues."


This Quest becomes available after completing Come to Court. In order to activate it go to Cassardis and speak with Tomlin.

Inquire Around Gran Soren (optional)

  • Speak with the citizenry to learn of the gardener's disappearance.

Seek out Tomlin's Father

  • Travel to the castle and locate Tomlin's imprisoned father.

Escort Ansell From the Dungeon

  • You made contact with Ansell, Tomlin's father. Rescue him from the castle dungeon without alerting the guard.

Quest Successful

  • You rescued Ansell from the dungeon and reunited him to his son. Quest reward received.


(7 ~ 10) Dragon's Dogma ~ An Innocent Man Hero Trophy Guide00:00

(7 ~ 10) Dragon's Dogma ~ An Innocent Man Hero Trophy Guide

An Innocent Man ~ Video Walkthrough

You can obtain this quest after Come to Court by speaking with Tomlin in Cassardis. Tomlin can usually be found strolling around the beach. He tells you his Father was a gardener for the Duke in Gran Soren and has gone missing. Tomlin will give you a Gardener's Permit as a quest item.

Note: it is advised to combine this quest with Arousing Suspicion once you've found where Tomlin's father is. This is explained further in this walkthrough.

Before starting the quest you should have the Gardener's Permit and at least 2 Skeleton Keys in your inventory.

Inquire Around Gran Soren (optional)Edit

Speaking with the citizens of Gran Soren is optional if you know where to go; you may skip this part entirely.

In order to find out where Tomlin's father is speak with Ser Jakys in Gran Soren. He can usually be found in the Noble Quarter. He will tell you that the gardener is imprisoned.

Seek out Tomlin's FatherEdit

Once you've learned of Tomlin's father's location in the dungeon it is time to free him. If you're planning to combine this quest with Arousing Suspicion then please read that walkthrough instead of this one. The necessary parts of this quest are also explained there. Otherwise read on.

To free Tomlin's father, it is necessary to take the Gardener's Permit and two Skeleton Keys. Ansell is in the castle dungeon in the cell opposite the secret exit, e.g., the last cell on the left. Use a Skeleton Key to open the door and speak with him. He will reveal the true nature of his capture. Ansell will not respond properly if you do not have the Gardener's Permit with you.

Escort Ansell From the DungeonEdit

To free Ansell you must escape the dungeon through the secret passage. The cell opposite to where Ansell is held contains the entrance to this passage. Use your second Skeleton Key to open the door and proceed left down into the sewers. There are some minor enemies here such as Snakes, Spiders and Rats. Make sure they do not kill Ansell.

Make your way out of the sewers and enter The Slums. Here you will find Tomlin and he and his father Ansell will have a private moment before walking off to the exit in the Aqueduct. The quest will be completed when they both exit the city.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

Once completed it is useful to note that Ansell is now available as a quest NPC in the quest Trial and Tribulations should you wish to ensure Fournival's guilt.


  • It is recommended you bring along at least two Skeleton Keys to break Ansell out of the Dungeon.
  • If you are in need of a Skeleton Key one spawns in a chest by the stairs at the entrance to the Dungeon. Another is in a chest in an alcove atop and to the left of the stairs in the Passage Gate. Another is in a breakable jar inside Ansell's cell.
  • You must have the Gardener's Permit in order to get Tomlin's father to go with you. If you do not have it on your person he will just say I have nought to say to you and wish I could see my son one more time. You will not be able to finish the quest if you do not have it.
  • In the Trials and Tribulations quest, you can escort Ansell back to Gran Soren to testify against Fournival. He will be in or near Chief Adaro's home in Cassardis.
  • You may discover Feste standing outside of Ansell's cell. If left long enough Feste will actually taunt Ansell through the bars then fall to the floor in fear. You can release the prisoner even while the jester is standing there. Feste will not raise the alarm.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360 After speaking to Ansell he doesn't move nor can he be spoken too.
    • This can easily be fixed by exiting the castle gate into Gran Soren and returning.
    • If the above method doesn't work, commit a crime, get caught by a guard who will put you in the dungeons again. Using a Skeleton Key to escape should trigger a conversation in which Ansell says that the player went far away, fixing the problem.

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