An Uninvited Guest is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "The Fisherfolk of Cassardis have a thief in their midst. Help Pablos catch the scoundrel."


Speak With the Thief's Victims

  • Talk to Aestella and Heraldo.

Speak with Pablos

  • Report back to Pablos.

Catch the Thief

  • Be on the look out for the Thief! Make sure he doesn't escape!

Thief Captured

  • The Thief has been successfully captured. Speak with Pablos.

Quest Successful

  • The Fisherfolk of Cassardis can rest easy now. Quest reward received.


This quest becomes available by speaking with Pablos at Pablos' Inn in Cassardis, after the Hydra is defeated in A Rude Awakening and upon acceptance of Off With Its Head (offered by Mercedes at the Encampment).

Speak With the Thief's Victims

Speak to the merchants Aestella and Heraldo who have been robbed. Sleep at the inn first to restart the day. Aestella can be founde in her shop across from the inn during the day, and Heraldo will often sit and talk near the village center.

An Uninvited Guest (quest walkthrough)02:47

An Uninvited Guest (quest walkthrough)

An Assassin demonstrating the Gale Harness and Shearing Wind combo. Gale Harness allows the Arisen to run faster than the thief, while Shearing Wind can drop him with a single strike. Grab him and the quest is complete.

Speak with Pablos

Once both Aestella and Heraldo have been spoken to, report back to Pablos at the inn. Pablos will then devise a plan to catch the thief at night and will ask the Arisen to make any preparations before continuing. Speak to Pablos again to continue and the time will progress to night. Pablos observes the rest of the quest from the upstairs room in the Inn - optionally - visit him to confirm your objectives.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen An Uninvited Guest03:08

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen An Uninvited Guest

Catch the Thief

The objective of this quest is to "grab" (see also Carrying and Grapple) the thief as he attempts to flee. The thief cannot be killed no matter how much damage the Arisen inflicts, so feel free to use any skills and or attacks necessary to catch him. Pike's affinity for the Arisen can be affected by what happens to him during this quest, but it will not interfere with completing this quest.

There are myriad methods the Arisen may employ to grab the thief (Pike) :

  • Pike can be grabbed without attacking him or using spells - it is difficult can be frustrating - running is required to keep up with him - one tactic is to wait in his path, or take a short cut to anticipate his path, then attempt to grab as he passes.
    • Pike may pause momentarily at doors, or when the pursuer is within close range - both give opportunities to capture him.
  • The simpler method catch him is to attack with a melee weapon, arrows, athrown weapon (eg Throwblast) or spell - many attacks will stun, stagger, or knock him down, after which he is easily caught.

Pikes path is from the village church to near the beginning of the pier past the Inn - he will use both the possible routes through the village, though he sticks to the main paths.

Example vocation-specific techniques

Fighters : Burst Strike to knock him to the ground, then grab him while he is stunned.

Warriors : A well timed Corona Slash will completely take the thief off his feet, where he may then be grabbed.

Striders : Use Fivefold Flurry with an enhanced (preferably Goldforged) Rusted Bow to inflict Torpor on Pike. Moving in slow motion, the Arisen can easily just walk up and grab him.

Rangers : Use Foot Binder/Body Binder to pin him to a wall. While he cannot be grabbed while trapped, successfully hitting him provides a window of several seconds to grab him as soon as he's free. This is easily done at the intersection near the inn, where he will run down the hill straight toward the player.

Assassins : Use Burst Strike to knock him down, or slow him down with Rusted Weapons (inflicting Torpor) before grabbing him.

Mystic Knights : Cast Sopor to send him to sleep or Vortex/Funnel Sigil to draw him in once he runs into the field, or Burst Strike will knock him to the ground, stunned.

Sorcerers : Cast Lassitude to slow him down enough (Torpor) that he can easily be caught. A good way to hit him with the spell is to get him to run to Iola's house before readying and casting the spell. Maelstrom with leave him temporarily stunned and vulnerable once it dissipates.

Thief Captured

Once the Thief has been grabbed, the screen will fade to black, bringing the Arisen back to Pablos' Inn. Speak with Pablos to conclude the quest.

Quest Successful

Pablos will congratulate the Arisen on a job well done and stating that the thief, who's name is to be revealed as Pike, has a loose tongue. He is a member of the Iron Hammer Bandits who have been eating supplies stolen from nearby merchants. Pablos then warns the Arisen to be cautious if they intend on heading to the Southern part of Gransys, the Vestad Hills.