Apple is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Naught but an ordinary apple. Consume it to recover a bit of Health."

"Affects a single target. A combinable material. Time sensitive. Restores some Health."


  • Restores 200 Health.


  • Found on, or at the base of apple trees in the fields and forests of Gransys.
  • Can be shot out of apple trees with a Shortbow or Longbow, or struck down at the top of a leap with any physical impact, including one from the light attack from a Stave.
  • Found at market stalls or homes in urban areas.
  • Sold by Jayce in Devilfire Grove.
  • Can be stolen from Boars using Master Thief.
  • Can be stolen from Rabbit using Master Thief.


Component of

Item Item Product
Apple + Airtight Flask = Kept Apple
Moldy Apple + Flask of Water = White Wine


  • Apples can be shot down from trees with arrows. By clicking L3 while intoning a spell such as Ingle or Miasma, a Mage or Sorceror can use the manual aim crosshairs to knock them down from treetops. In some instances, tall fighters can use the sword skill Skyward Lash or Heavenward Lash to hit them, too. Try to avoid buying apples since you can find them for free on many trees.
  • Apples get moldy after about three days. Make a White Wine by combining the Moldy Apple and Flask of Water to produce one of the cheapest good health recovery items in the game.