Arc of Obliteration is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Arc of Deliverance that unleashes an even mightier blow and allows faster movement while channeling."

An advanced version of Arc of Might or Arc of Deliverance that becomes available when a suitable Warrior's Ring or Warrior's Band is equipped.


  • For general details of the "Arc" skills, and their shockwaves see Arc of Deliverance.
  • Takes ten seconds to charge, like the lower tier skills - unleashing the skill before it is fully charged will result in a significantly less powerful strike.
Arc of Obliteration vs Griffin (demonstration)01:24

Arc of Obliteration vs Griffin (demonstration)

Even with a direct head shot, Arc of Obliteration will not one-shot kill most large enemies (without buffs or periapts). In this demonstration a Goldforged Bitter End longsword, with a strength ring, maximum strength boosting armor and the Clout and Vehemence augments fail to do the job over several attempts to one-shot this Griffin.