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Taking a shot at the Archydra.
Archydra Head
The Archydra loses a head.
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Archydra is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

It is a stronger version of the Hydra first encountered at The Encampment. It is located and found in the The Everfall, specifically the Chamber of Hesitation's second room. Unlike the regular Hydra, whose scales are black, the Archydra has a creamy white colour. It also has more health.

The Archydra has the ability to regenerate its heads, making it quite formidable, but if Fire damage is used while severing the head, or if the decapitated stump is attacked with fire soon afterward, regeneration will be delayed for the duration of the ignition.

Similar to the original Hydra, it takes less damage to sever at locations closer to the head than closer to the body.

If all four heads are severed, the Archydra will collapse and take heavily increased damage while rapidly regenerating health, up until a head is regenerated.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster / Boss
Experience gained

Base Exp of 30,000

  • Can be more depending on a few factors such as:
  • Having fewer pawns.
  • Weal.
  • Use of the Bezel Crown bow.
  • Being in Hard Mode. 
  • Having low level pawns. 


Health Attack Defence Magick Attack Magick Defence Weight
100,000 3,200 300 1,500 300 50,000 kg

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash
110% 50% 60% 30% 30% 60% 10%


Attack Type Description
Run Over Phys A charge that knocks you over.
Neck Smash Phys If climbing a neck, it will smash itself to the ground for very high damage.
Head Strike Phys A head smash that stabs the ground.
Poison Spit Mag/Status Sprays up to 4 beams of poison that have long range and linger on the ground for a time after being sprayed. Can cause Poison and Blindness.
Tail Whip Phys Spins around and whips you with its tail. Has long range.
Eat Spec Attempts to swallow you or a pawn. If you fail to free yourself (wiggle the L-stick fast enough) and are swallowed, you will die instantly if you aren't freed before reaching the main body. Pawns swallowed and not freed cannot be revived and will need to be re-hired.

If you are by yourself and have no Pawns with you and fail to free yourself, you die instantly and not get to see yourself sliding down its throat.

If poisoned by the spit attack and attacked with the "Eat" move afterwards, you won't get the prompt to free yourself and will be instantly swallowed, resulting in death if no Pawns are around to save you.

Item DropsEdit

Normal Hydra Rate Neck/Head Destroyed Rate With Drake, Wyrm, or Wyvern Tear Rate
Rift Cluster 4% Hydra Gallstone 3% Wakestone Shard 40%
Hydra Gallstone 10% White Hydra Scale 7% Wakestone 60%
Poison Hydra Fang 25% Poison Hydra Fang 25%
White Hydra Scale 49% Hydra's Lifeblood 50%
Wakestone 100%


  • Invulnerable to most debilitations, with the Exception of Lowered Defense.
  • Vulnerable to Fire. Severing a head with a weapon enchanted with Fire leaves the stump cauterized, slowing regeneration. Hitting the stump afterwards with fire attacks also works, although this needs to be done quickly, as the heads regenerate within a few seconds.
  • Sorcerers: High Maelstrom is the most efficient way to kill the Archydra (2 or 3 castings can put it down with little effort). Use the Articulacy augment and the Wyrmking's Ring to shorten the casting time. High Miasma can cut off multiple heads with a single incantation.
  • If you start attacking its tail, its head will try to attack you, making them extremely easy to kill and cut off.
  • If you deal enough damage to a single head, it will leave its mouth wide open, allowing you to throw an explosive barrel at it. If you manage to shoot the head with arrows, it'll explode, instantly taking off the head.
  • As a sword or dagger user, one must watch for the Archydra to rear its head before it attempts to grab or "head butt" one of the party. If these attacks are blocked or dodged, they provide a window of opportunity to grab the head and decapitate it.

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