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Arisen's Bond
Arisens Bond
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
110.000 G
10.550 G
Quest Item

Arisen's Bond is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A ring that brims with a mystic light. When gifted to another, it seals his or her bond - and fate - to the Arisen."

"Details unknown."

Details Edit

 Arisen's Bond is a special quest item received during the sidequest The Dragon's Tongue


  • The Arisen's Bond is a special ring that when given as a present binds that person/NPC to the player. It instantly maxes out the Affinity of any NPC to whom it is given.
  • The Arisen's Bond can be duplicated by The Black Cat. Interestingly, the copy is not considered a forgery and instead is a second, legitimate copy.
  • If the Arisen's Bond is given to an NPC and if that same NPC is your Beloved, you will be able to find the same Arisen's Bond that you gave to your beloved. It will be lying in front of you right after you complete Deny Salvation. This is presumably done by The Dragon to show the Arisen who he has taken. Doing this potentially means you only need a single Arisen's Bond.
  • See The Dragon's Tongue for more details.


Product of

Item Item Product
Love-In-The-Rough + Noonflower = Arisen's Bond

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