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Art of Metamorphosis
Dragon's Dogma - Letter
Item Info
Base Weight
5,000 RC

Art of Metamorphosis is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Arcane magick that can transmute one's appearance, allowing the user to edit both their Arisen and main pawn a single time."

The Art of Metamorphosis is a one-time-use only item, which can be bought at the Rift Shop for 5,000 Rift Crystals (single use). Everything can be adjusted including name, voice, looks, and build of the Arisen and main pawn as if creating them for the first time.

Using the Art of MetamorphosisEdit

  • In order to edit the Arisen and main pawn, first use the item and exit to the Title Menu. From there, head to the Main Menu. The purchase of this item adds an extra option to the Main Menu called "Character Edit".
  • The "Character Edit" option is never displayed in the in-game item menu. Once the changes made have been agreed and accepted, the Character Edit option will be removed from the Main Menu.



  • The Art of Metamorphosis does not restock within a single playthrough, although it will be available again in New Game Plus.
  • Downloadable Content items added to the game after starting will also be available similar to items in Devyn's Barber Shop.
  • It is recommended to wait and purchase The Secret of Metamorphosis as opposed to the Art of Metamorphosis. The Secret of Metamorphosis can be used an unlimited amount of times while the latter can only be used once per time.
  • This item does not allow you to change the color of a character's eyebrows independently from haircolor. If you wish to do so Devyn's Barber Shop is the only place where this is possible. (see note)
  • There is a possible bug with this item that causes it to be consumed without editing the main pawn's appearance; if the Arisen's appearance is edited, but either the player exits the game via the XBox Dashboard or cancels the changes during editing of the main pawn, the Arisen will be altered but the main pawn will not and the option to edit will disappear from the main menu. Therefore, it is advisable that the player makes absolutely certain of their changes to the Arisen before confirming them to move onto the main pawn's.

Note - This is actually untrue. Like making your character for the first time, you can actually hit square in certain sections for different settings. This includes eyebrows, in which one of the advanced settings is changing the color (much like the same can be found in the advanced settings for hairstyle, face shape (skin color), facial hair, makeup, and eye color)

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