Auspicious Incense is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An aromatic stick with a soothing scent. Use it to recover a great deal of Health to the entire party."

"Affects a group. Restores much health."


  • Restores 3500 Health Points (HP) to the entire party.



Silver Rarifying

Gold Rarifying


  • This curative cannot be given to Hired Pawns.
  • This curative may be given to the Main Pawn, but they will not use this item when needed.
  • Balmy Incense is the most powerful group curative (500 HP) which can be given to Hired Pawns, followed by Spring Water (330 HP) and Balmy Perfume (300 HP).
  • Giving group curatives like Spring Water or Balmy Incense to pawns will spare the Arisen the worry of monitoring the party's health.
  • Pawns will automatically and instantly use the appropriate curative when necessary to aid ailing allies; when one of the party receives a fatal or near-fatal blow, pawns will instantly spam enough of these to keep that person alive. This happens significantly faster than a Mage can cast a spell or a human hand can open the inventory menu.