Avenue of Escape is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


This quest appears on the Notice Board of the Union Inn during New Game Plus if the Arisen achieved and maintained a favorable disposition from the Duke in the previous run.


In order to obtain this quest one playthrough must be completed with final high affinity with the Duke. In order to maintain high affinity do not complete A Warm Welcome otherwise all accumulated goodwill will be erased; instead avoid the meeting with the Duke after defeating the Dragon and jump straight into the Everfall.

In New Game Plus with high enough affinity carried over from the previous game the quest will become available at the notice board at the Union Inn on first reaching the capital.

For directions and advice for the trip to Bloodwater Beach, see : Escort Quest Walkthroughs.


  • Despite the Duke's famed strength and valor, he can easily be killed by a Drake. Caution should be taken when escorting him.
  • An alternative method to unlock this quest is to switch the game to Hard Mode after the player has reached a favorable status with the Duke. Switching game modes will allow the player to begin the game anew with all weapons, raiments and affinities preserved.