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Bad Business
Madeleine Fleeing
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Madeleine's Shop
Gran Soren
Chasing Shadows
8,000 Exp.
30 Rift Crystals

Bad Business is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "Madeleine suddenly abandoned her shop and vanished, leaving only a dagger behind. Perhaps she's caught up in some kind of trouble..."


Inquire After Madeleine

  • Speak with nearby townspeople to uncover clues about Madeleine's sudden disappearance.

Seek out Madeleine in Gran Soren

  • Word has it Madeleine is somewhere in the capital. Find her.

Quest Successful

  • You bade Madeleine farewell. Perhaps you will meet again, someday... Quest reward received.


This quest becomes available during Stage 5, after completing the two storyline quests The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall. However, two previous side quests involving Madeleine (Guard Duty and Chasing Shadows) must also have been completed.

The quest is initiated by talking to Katlyn at Madeleine's Shop in Gran Soren. When the shop is entered, Madeleine will be missing, and instead, Katlyn will be there. She will tell the Arisen that Madeleine has run into some trouble and went into hiding.

Inquire After MadeleineEdit

In order to track down Madeleine, speak with the townspeople of Gran Soren. Go to the Alehouse near Fountain Square and speak with both Arsmith and Nettie. They will give some information on where Madeleine might be.

Seek Out Madeleine in Gran SorenEdit

Make your way to the Aqueduct. You may speak with Guston on the way there, though he is only active at night. He will tell you Madeleine ran past him not too long ago. When you arrive at the Aqueducts a cutscene will play showing Madeleine leaving Gran Soren through the east exit.

You may also speak with Ser Raulin, who will ask if you've seen Madeleine. Regardless whether you've seen her or not, as you may speak with Ser Raulin before the cutscene, you have the option to tell him yes or no. If you tell him no he will walk away. If you tell him yes, you may direct him to the farmlands or the castle, both of which are wrong. Your choice will not impact the quest.

Now go after Madeleine and head down to the Aqueducts and exit Gran Soren. From the exit head right until you spot Madeleine. Approach her and speak with her.

Madeleine tells you her story and why she is running away. She will also mention her trusted daggers. If you picked up the Divine Razors you may give them to her to increase Affinity with her. Whatever your choice, some guards approach and Madeleine moves away to hide.

Ser Marcas speaks with you and asks you if you've seen Madeleine. You may tell him you haven't seen her and he will be called away by another guard. If you tell him you have seen her he will be called away by another guard regardless. In the end your choice doesn't matter.

Madeleine will thank you for rescuing her. She will also ask for 50,000 Gold in travel expenses. You may give her the money or decline. Giving her the money will again increase affinity with Madeleine. After a cutscene Madeleine walks away and will not return to Gran Soren.

Quest completion & OutcomesEdit

After completing this quest, Madeleine will not be seen again until after the Dragon is defeated.

  • If this quest is completed Madeleine will move to Cassardis in the post-game. Her shop is available.
  • If the quest was started, but not completed; Madeleine will move to the fields in Gran Soren in Post-Game, but will not sell any items.
  • If this quest was not started she will move to the fields in Gran Soren during Post-Game and will sell items.


  • This is the only time you can obtain the Divine Razors. If you wish to return them to Madeleine you must wait until the quest appears again in a New Game Plus to get them again. The weapons cannot be forged.
  • The Divine Razors must not be enhanced if they are to be returned to Madeleine.
  • Just like Madeleine's request for 1,000 Gold earlier in the game, there is no return investment if she is given 50,000 Gold.
  • If you do not wish to increase Madeleine's affinity and still be able to use her shop in Gran Soren during post-game then not starting the quest is the best option. On the other hand, it is necessary to complete this quest once in order to earn The Hero achievement/trophy.

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