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Bad Business is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "Madeleine suddenly abandoned her shop and vanished, leaving only a dagger behind. Perhaps she's caught up in some kind of trouble..."


Inquire After Madeleine

  • Speak with nearby townspeople to uncover clues about Madeleine's sudden disappearance.

Seek out Madeleine in Gran Soren

  • Word has it Madeleine is somewhere in the capital. Find her.

Quest Successful

  • You bade Madeleine farewell. Perhaps you will meet again, someday... Quest reward received.


This quest becomes available during Stage 5 of the game, after completing the two storyline quests The Wyrmking's Ring and Pride Before a Fall. However, two previous side quests involving Madeleine (Guard Duty and Chasing Shadows) must also have been completed.
Bad Business (quest walkthrough)06:36

Bad Business (quest walkthrough)

Find Madeleine and protect her from the Gran Soren guards. Saving Madeleine thus will ensure that she returns to Pablos' Inn in Cassardis and resumes selling items after the Dragon Grigori is slain.

The quest is initiated upon entering Madeleine's shop in Gran Soren.

A citizen named Katlyn will appear and tell the Arisen that Madeleine has run into some trouble and has gone into hiding. Madeleine's Divine Razors sitting on the counter are part of the quest. Be sure to pick them up to increase affinity with Madeleine.

Inquire After Madeleine

In order to track down Madeleine, speak with the townspeople of Gran Soren. Go to the Alehouse near Fountain Square and speak with both Arsmith and Nettie. They will relay some information on Madeleine's whereabouts.

Seek Out Madeleine in Gran Soren

Speaking with Guston and Ser Raulin will direct the investigation to the lower levels of Gran Soren, the Aqueduct.

Upon arrival at the Aqueduct, a cutscene will play showing Madeleine leaving Gran Soren through the east exit. Follow her through the east exit.

Outside, head to the right to discover Madeleine hiding behind a crate.

Madeleine recounts her legal troubles and why she is running away. Returning her Divine Razors will increase her Affinity level. Guards will then approach and Madeleine attempts to hide.

Ser Marcas asks if Madeleine has been hereabouts.

Whatever the Arisen decides, Madeleine will express her gratitude and ask for 50,000 Gold in travel expenses. Giving her the money will again increase Madeleine's Affinity level. Increasing Madeleine's Affinity level is helpful to access her expanded inventory in Post-Game (at lower affinity levels, some items in Madeleine's shop are unavailable).

Quest completion & Outcomes

After completing this quest, Madeleine (and her shop inventory) will remain inaccessible until after the Dragon is defeated (Post-Game). Post-Game, Madeleine's availability has three possible outcomes :

  • If this quest is completed Madeleine will move to Cassardis in the post-game. Her shop is available.
  • If the quest was started, but not completed; Madeleine will move to the fields in Gran Soren in Post-Game, but will not sell any items.
  • If this quest was not started she will move to the fields in Gran Soren during Post-Game and will sell items.

The nature of this quest forces the player to perhaps start it unwillingly, because this quest starts automatically when you enter her shop in Gran Soren. It is imperative that it is completed before Post-Game if the player wishes to keep her shop open. As stated above her shopping options will disappear during Post-Game if the quest is left incomplete.


  • This is the only time the Divine Razors (fairly unremarkable daggers) may be obtained. If the daggers were returned to Madeleine, the daggers may be re-obtained when the quest appears again in a New Game Plus. Weapons cannot be forged.
  • The Divine Razors must not be enhanced if they are to be returned to Madeleine.
  • Just like Madeleine's request for 1,000 Gold earlier in the game, there is no (Gold) return investment if she is given 50,000 Gold. Continuously helping Madeleine throughout the game and giving her Gold raises her Affinity level and expands her final shop inventory in Post-Game. A lower Affinity level will translate to less equipment offerings when she is re-discovered after The Dragon is slain.
  • If the player does not wish to increase Madeleine's Affinity but still be able access her shop in Gran Soren during Post-Game (with a slightly limited inventory), then NOT starting the quest is the best option. On the other hand, it is necessary to complete this quest once in order to earn The Hero secret trophy or achievement.
  • If Madeleine is your Beloved, and you already completed the quest Deny Salvation, the quest will automatically be cancelled after starting.