Baleful Nails is a jewelry piece available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Baleful Nails attach to the dominant hand, boosting both Strength and Magick."

There is one more design based on Baleful Nails,refer Barbed Nails.

Usable By

DDicon fighterDDicon striderDDicon mage DDicon assassinDDicon magicarcherDDicon magicknight DDicon warriorDDicon rangerDDicon sorcerer


Jewelry Baleful Nails

Strength 10
Magick 10
Defenses 1



  • The base add to both magick and strength is respectively an additional +10, which can be increased if either or both strength- and/or magick-multiplying augments are equipped on the character, such as Clout, Vehemence, Acuity, AttunementBloodlust, Ferocity, Exhilaration, Equanimity, Opportunism and/or Autonomy. Note that some of these augment effects are conditional depending on the Arisen's environment and state of health or even the selected skill.