Ballista is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.


A large torsion powered crossbow, mounted to the ground. Capable of firing a "standard" bolt, as well as an "explosive" one. The standard bolt fires at a quicker rate, dealing moderate damage. The explosive bolt reloads slowly, but packs a punch, as well as doing area damage, similar to that of an Explosive Barrel.


Ballista can be found in the Conqueror's Sanctuary, The Shadow Fort, Bandit's Den, within the keep at the Greatwall Encampment, on the tower beyond the Tainted Mountain temple, and on the Dragon's Island during The Final Battle quest.


  • A ballista bolt can be Perfect Blocked.
  • Like most other objects in-game, it is destructable.
  • Equipping the secret augment Facility will speed up the reloading time between shots. This augment is acquired from the Scroll of Facility, by purifying a Bitterblack Novelty level 1 or 2.
  • The arrows of one Ballista can be shot down by another.
  • To activate the explosive bolt press the triangle/Y button (PS3/Xbox 360).
  • For keyboard users (PC) : To use the ballista press "E" to mount and "F" to fire.