Balsac is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Balsac is a leader within the cult Salvation and the source of skeleton sightings and attacks, the investigation of which forms the quest Rise of the Fallen. During the same quest the Arisen and party must face an defeat Balsac in the Confessional Chamber within The Catacombs.



  • Vulnerable to all debilitations.
  • Vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Balsac can summon unlimited Skeletons at will. Slay him as quickly as possible or risk being overwhelmed by Skeleton hordes.


Monologue before the battle

  • "Welcome, Arisen. Tis an honor to have you come so far to meet us."
  • "Are you here seeking the source of the skeletons, or have you just come to rid us of a few traitors? My thanks, by the by."
  • "I see no call for secrets. It was Salvation loosed those bone warriors upon the land. They experiment.... A vanguard."
  • "All in preparation for the day of reckoning to come."
  • "You shall have an honored place among them, Arisen."
  • "Aye, your bones shall lead the march as the red dawn breaks!"

Upon death

  • "Graaaugh!"
  • "All ash...."


  • This character may be based on the characteristics of Balzac, the ruler of a castle in the video game Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage.
  • The character may also be a reference to the band GWAR whose rhythm guitarist also goes by Balsac; the spelling is the same.