Arisen and Pawns fighting a band of bandits.

Bandits are hostile humans in Dragon's Dogma.

Bandits are normally found in abandoned locations or open fields waiting to ambush travelers.

Bandits can be warriors, fighters, striders, rangers, mages and occasionally magick archers - they have access to many of a skills of these classes, but only the lowest version of each.

Bandits self-segregate themselves into male and female bands - female bands contain no sword users. At early levels (10~23) all bandits pose a great threat to the Arisen and pawns if their strong attacks land. Learning to fight the bandits skilfully or avoiding them altogether are the only viable tactics.

Bandit Bands

Bandits segregate themselves into male and female bands - the males utilise most vocations, whilst female bandits only use spellcaster and dagger or bow-using classes. There are two notable named bands of each; the Iron Hammer Bandits, led by Maul and based at the The Ruins of Aernst Castle, and the female Westron Labrys Bandits led by Ophis who are based at The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. Independent bands of male or female bandits are encountered throughout Gransys.

Female bandits

Female bandits are found only in the Cursewood and western parts of the Deos Hills, and on the paths leading up to the The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, held by the Westron Labrys Bandits. The Westron Labrys' leader Ophis is unique in being the only Magick Archer female bandit in Gransys.

All female bandits favor red armor and clothing, including the Sultry armor set, Flame skirt, parts of the Alchemical armor set, Assailant's bracers, and Striker's Greaves or Iron Boots, as well as female-only clothing such as White Stockings and Noblewoman's Corset.

Female bandits fight with either bow and or daggers, never swords or shields; they are supported by red-clad spellcasters, who cast healing support as well as debilitating spells such as Blearing on their foes.

Male bandits

With the exception of the Iron Hammer Bandits, most bandit bands lack any notable leaders. Their overall fighting power depends on the region in which they are encountered; they get more powerful the farther away they are from Cassardis.

The Iron Hammer bandits are found only within the Vestad Hills, where they are based in The Ruins of Aernst Castle. They fight only using striders and Fighters. Their armor sets share many similarities with the Barbarian Armor Sets, and utilize clothing unique only to their clan such as the Guardian's HoodHorned HelmFaded VestHide Armor, and Meloirean Cyclops Veil.

Independent bandits brandish all sorts of patchwork clothing and armor - parts of the Barbarian Armor Sets as well as blackened versions of low-cost Fighter and Warrior armors are commonly worn. These bandits may be Fighters, Warriors, Striders, Mages, Rangers, and occasionally magick archers. The Magick Archer-class Bandits are found in the Bluemoon Tower, Pastona Cavern, and there is also one in Cursewood

Other bandits

The are a small number of uniquely named bandits who will attempt to ambush the Arisen. These include the bandits Kent and Lowane.

The band known as The Nameless Men encountered during the quest Nameless Terror wear armor and use skills similar to bandits, but are Assassins and have different motivations.



Type Description Clan
Onslaught Phys The basic fighting combo of all fighter bandits. It is a highly damaging chain composed of two consecutive slashes and a forward stab. All
Empale Phys The staple of fighter bandit fighting capabilities. A forceful stab that sends targets reeling backwards. The attack is most often chained over and over, then followed with an onslaught. All
Blink Strike Phys The charging stab move of the Fighter class, they will quickly close the distance to you and knock you down. It comes out fast and with little warning so be wary around Fighter Bandits. Iron Hammer / Independent
Downthrust Phys A slow but powerful sword slam performed against stationary targets that is capable of delivering a devastating amount of damage and knockdown. Iron Hammer / Independent
Broad Cut Phys After some preparation, the bandit falls back while cutting a broad sweep with his blade. Independent
Hindsight Slash Phys The bandit dodges backwards before delivering a sudden counter-attack. Independent
Shield Strike Phys While blocking if you hit their shields they will often counter with the Fighter's Shield Strike attack, stunning you for a follow-up attack. Independent
Carve Phys The bandit performs a 4-hit combo that can send targets flying. All
Two Step Phys The bandit executes a swift dual-stab maneuver that can easily stagger opponents. All
Biting Wind Phys Bandit Striders will dash past the player hitting multiple times and sometimes stunning you opening you up to more attacks. Westron Labrys
Scarlet Kisses Phys The bandit repeatedly slices its target and finishes with a roundhouse kick. Westron Labrys
Toss and Trigger Phys/Mag The Bandit Strider will execute an uppercut. If it hits it will knock the target into the air and follow up with an explosive charge that causes fire damage. This will end with you on the ground, open to other attacks. Independent
Helm Splitter Phys The bandit leaps into the air with both daggers extended and somersaults into its target, dealing heavy damage that scales with the height of the somersault. Iron Hammer / Independent
Ensnare Spec Grabs a target with strings and knocks them to the ground. Iron Hammer / Westron Labrys
Fivefold Flurry Phys At range Bandit Striders will shoot 5 arrows at you in one shot. This comes out very quick, will stun you if you get hit and they can perform this move several times at time. This is one of the most annoying moves for Mages as it hits hard and prevents spellcasting. Independent
Pentad Shot Phys The bandit loads five arrows and fires them in a wide arc, hitting multiple targets. Independent
Full Bend Phys At range Bandit Striders will charge up one powerful shot and fire it. This will knock down the target it hits and will quickly become very annoying, especially if the Strider is located on higher ground, where it will knock you back down while you are climbing up. All
Cloudburst Volley Phys The Bandit Strider will fire several arrows up into the air, which will rain down on in an area around the target. This AoE attack can stun multiple party members, leaving you open to the other Bandits. Westron Labrys
Anodyne Mag Bandit Mages will cast this spell to heal their teammates. It won't heal your party so don't try it. All
High Ingle Mag/Status Bandit Mages will let loose 3 fireballs at a target. May cause the Burning debilitation. All
Blearing Mag/Status Invokes a magical sigil around the bandit causing Blindness to all who enter. All
Silentium Mag/Status Casts a sigil on the ground that can cause Silence to whomever is inside. All
Hack Phys The bandit performs two swings with his massive weapon and ends by smashing it on his opponent. Independent
Upward Strike Phys Bandit Warriors will stab a target and then knock them flying into the air. This does significant damage and leaves you vulnerable on the ground. Independent (Hammer)
Savage Lunge Phys Bandit Warriors rear up before brutishly charging through their foes, knocking them aside. Independent (Hammer)
Spark Slash Phys Bandit Warriors hold their greatswords low close to the ground before swinging it in a massive arc around them, knocking all nearby foes off of their feet.



Dire Arrow Phys Bandit Rangers will do a more powerful version of the Full Bend skill that will knock down a target at long range. Independent
Sixfold Arrow Phys Bandit Rangers will shoot 6 arrows rapidly at a target, doing more damage than the Strider version and easily killing low defense party members. They also love to spam this move, so watch out. Independent
Heptad Shot Phys Bandit Rangers load 7 arrows and shoot them in a wide arc, hitting multiple targets. Independent
Great Gamble Phys Bandit Rangers can charge and fire a single shot, causing tremendous physical damage. Independent
Magick Archer
Seeker Mag The bandit fires a homing arrow at a target, dealing pure magical damage. Independent
Hunter Arrow Mag Magick Archer Bandits can use this to hit all of your party with homing holy bolts. Independent

Item Drops

The following items can be stolen from Bandits using Master Thief.


  • General tactics for bandits are the same as for any other foe - they can be grappled, thrown, debilitated, staggered and knocked down. Unlike wild species of animals, members of bandit bands differ greatly in their resistances to magic and elements.
  • All bandits can be deadly even to the well prepared - even a high level (lv.40) party can be overwhelmed by a large bandit party if the bandits 'hold the advantage,' as pawns sometimes say. A number of skills used by bandits can cause serious problems for new Arisens and their pawns:
    • The Fighter heavy attacks, as well as most of their Warrior's attacks have the power to kill a party member in one blow - generally, dodging and/or blocking is the best tactic.
    • The bow user's skills include powerful charged attacks such as Mighty Bend and Dire Arrow, and in addition to their standard Loose attacks and multi-arrow skills can be troublesome or deadly. Pawns with the Mitigator inclination may assist with these.
    • Even the Bandits' use of the core skill Empale can be deadly to an under-armored dagger user, or magician - Fighters should attempt to block their attacks and then strike, as pawns often advise.
    • Listen for a low-rumbling sound from the bandit Rangers in the Bluemoon Tower.  This is the sound of Great Gamble being charged, and it either must be evaded, perfect blocked with a shield/magick shield or the bandit must be interrupted before firing.
  • Take out Magick Archers first to avoid being pelted with unavoidable arrows.
  • The Sorcerer spell Exequy does not work on human enemies, including bandits.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Stun with Lightning
  • Freeze then shatter

Enemy specific (Enemy Soldier):

  • Witness a Fighter bandit block an attack

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 300 of each category (Enemy Soldiers, Enemy Bandits and Enemy Wizards) either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page.


  • Fighter/Warrior Bandits fall under the Hostile Soldier category from the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge
  • Strider/Ranger Bandits fall under the Hostile Bandit category from the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge
  • Mage/Sorcerer Bandits fall under the Enemy Wizard category from the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge