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Barnaby is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma. Keeper of the Pawn Guild, who is himself a Pawn. His duties include keeping a watchful eye on The Everfall and advising the Arisen if something should seem amiss.


Personality: As one of the pawn legion, Barnaby has no emotions. However, because he has been in Gransys for untold decades and interacted with generations of mankind, he has developed something very close to an emotion: a wish for pawns and humans to coexist peacefully.

As a pawn, Barnaby is not human. He does not age and cannot die, giving him little sense of life or vitality, and he never displays a strong will of his own. Long ago, Barnaby accompanied his Arisen and faced off with the dragon, but was defeated. Barnaby should have been dismissed back to beyond the rift, but his Arisen asked of him a promise: “Help those Arisen who follow after me…”

And so he continued to accompany Arisen, even as he has watched them repeatedly fall to the might of the dragons. Eventually Barnaby developed relationships with mercenaries, also fighting for money on the front lines. At night he would drink with them, laughing and joking. For the emotionless Barnaby this was nothing more than an act, but they treated him as one of their own. This brought about a change in Barnaby. Defending a mercenary, he suffered a terrible wound. Time healed his wound, but he was never able to regain the whole of his former strength. Forced to accept the bitter truth that he was no longer capable of defeating a dragon, he dedicated himself to creating a place to raise pawns who could aid the Arisen in his place. It also offered pawns a place of rest, the rift-crossers who otherwise wandered aimlessly, despised and shunned by humans. He had created the Pawn Guild. Now Barnaby waits for the appearance of a new Arisen, one with the bravery and strength to defeat a dragon… (Barnaby's Tale).[1]




  • "The pawn legion are without self, void of any independent will. We bear no desires, no ambition...naught which impels human kind to aggrandize the self."
  • "And so human kind has taken to using us, else shunning us entirely. But always making a clear distinction between our kind and theirs. Some of our number have suffered terribly at the hand if man...but even such abuses rouse no hate, no rage within us, for there is not to rouse for good or ill."


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