Barta Crags is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"There are many stories of a time, hundreds of years ago, when the Barta Crags were lush, green, and full of life. But then, a dragon rained its fire down on the crags, reducing them to treacherous swampland. It is best to avoid this area altogether, but if you must venture through it, do so at night, for during the day the air is thick with miasma, a poisonous gas guaranteed to cut your adventure, and your life, short."
―Ser Daerio.[1]

Barta Crags is a region far to the northwest of Gran Soren. The Barta Crags region encompasses all of Gransys that lies to the northwest of the pass at The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. In the northern part of the Crags are the Greatwall Encampment and The Greatwall, which guard Gransys from threats beyond.

The main feature of the Crags is the Miasmic Haunt, a large poisonous lake. Other named locations are Ophis' Domain, a corral holding a 'tame' Cyclops. The western entrance to Soulflayer Canyon is located southeast of the Greatwall.

No humans inhabit the Crags, save the female Bandits found in Heavenspeak Fort, and the soldiers stationed a the Greatwall Encampment.



For loot in Ophis' Domain, Miasmic Haunt and The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort see those articles.

The main flora in the Crags are Mithridate and Cragwort, Pumpkins grow relatively abundantly.


The Crags are inhabited by Goblins, Hobgoblins, Direwolves, and Snow Harpies.

The western shores of the Miasmic Haunt are inhabited by Sulfur Saurians. On the path leading north out of Heavenspeak Fort, a Chimera (or Gorechimera, Post-Game) may be encountered.

At night, Phantasms appear over the Miasmic Haunt and other poisonous bodies of water; Wights appear in the Miasmic Haunt and on the ancient burial ground at the northwestern tip of the Crags; Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Sorcerers appear on the path out of Heavenspeak Fort.




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