Beech Branch is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An extremely stiff wood used in the crafting of bows and arrows."

The Beech Branch is a useful wood, suited to making Blast Arrows - however it is not easy to obtain reliably in quantity.

Beech Branches can be obtained from gather spots in logs in various Gransys locations - only certain logs will give a beech branch - these include : one in the inner area of the Witchwood; one in the Verda Woodlands near the Healing Spring; one in the Vestad Hills, northeast of the Nightcall Crevasse, in a log next to a chest under a large tree; and a log in an area delineated by large stones with narrow paths between the stones, which are located between Devilfire Grove and The Shadow Fort.

Additionally Jayce sells very limited quantities in Post-Game.


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Item Item Product
Beech Branch + Necrophagous Loin = Blast Arrow x5
Beech Branch + Ember Crystal = Blast Arrow x15
Beech Branch + Flammica = Blast Arrow x5
Beech Branch + Throwblast = Blast Arrow x10
Beech Branch + Cockatrice Beak = Petrifying Arrow x20
Beech Branch + Leaden Globe = Petrifying Arrow x20
Beech Branch + Petrifactor = Petrifying Arrow x10


  • The rarest of branches found in Dragon's Dogma.