Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Armor bearing no maker's mark, blighted by some infernal device."

Purify it at Olra for 25,000 RC to receive one of the armor pieces listed below, result is determined by drop and actual Vocation of Arisen and Main Pawn:

Though the specific item obtained varies with vocation when purified, the resultant object from a given cursed item will be for a specific part of the body, independent of the actual armor piece obtained.

Mystic Knight vs 7 Living Armor. A rapid healing demonstration of 3 pawns with chest armor which "Has a slight restorative effect on pawns near you"10:14

Mystic Knight vs 7 Living Armor. A rapid healing demonstration of 3 pawns with chest armor which "Has a slight restorative effect on pawns near you".-0

Allies within 6 feet of the equipped character are healed at 3 HP per second, which all stack with the Arisen's chest armor with the "Gradually restores health" bonus. The Arisen is also wearing the arm and leg pieces of the Immortal's Armor Set to regenerate even faster.

Additionally there are two tiers of Lv.3 armor- if purification gives a lower or higher tier, then purification under a different vocation would have given a different armor piece, but of the same quality tier.

For more details of the purification process see Purification.

Level 3 armors generally have bonus enhancments present, allow more weight to be carried, giving healing, or other effects. For full details see Dark Arisen Bonus Enhancements.


Bitterblack Isle - dropped from large monsters, or an unusual find in chests.

Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 are only found Post-Daimon, except for two chests in The Fallen City.

Chests that may contain cursed armor include those in the : Midnight Helix, The Forgotten Hall, The Fallen City, or Bitterblack Sanctum.

Droppable by: Daimon, first form only, 100% drop after his first defeat, even in New Game Plus, or rarely from Death, Thunderwyvern, or Firedrake.


BBI Armor Lv.3 Red
Common Armor
Head Armor Nether Helm Hood of Shadow Grave Veil
Torso Armor Traitor's Armor Coat of Shadow Grave Mantle
Arms Armor Sinner's Gauntlets Gauntlets of Shadow Grave Claws
Leg Armor Betrayer's Greaves Boots of Shadow Grave Greaves
Cloak Blasphemer's Cloak
Rare Armor
Head Armor Hellfire Helm Hood of Oblivion Carrion Veil
Torso Armor Hellfire Armor Coat of Oblivion Carrion Mantle
Arms Armor Hellfire Gauntlets Gauntlets of Oblivion Carrion Claws
Leg Armor Hellfire Greaves Boots of Oblivion Carrion Greaves
Cloak Hellfire Cloak


  • Cursed items can be gifted, but the purified results cannot.
  • The bonus enhancements can differ from one vocation group to another.
    • The "blue" (Sorcerer/Mage) armors seem more likely to carry a different bonus enhancement than armor purified with the other vocations.