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Bitterblack Armor Lv.3
Icon Bitterblack Cursed Equipment
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Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Armor bearing no maker's mark, blighted by some infernal device."


Bitterblack Isle - dropped from large monsters, or an unusual find in chests.

  • Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 are found exclusively Post-Daimon, except for chests #13 and 19 in the Fallen City :
  • Droppable by:


Purify it at Olra for 25,000 RC to receive one of the armor's pieces listed below, result is determined by drop and actual Vocation of Arisen and Main Pawn - see Notes for more detailed information:

Bitterblack Armor Lv.3 has an easily understood formula for what purification will result in. The part of the body the armor is meant for is consistent regardless of the vocation it is intended for, as are the two tiers. The more common results of purification will be pieces of the 13 Fabled Bitterblack Armanents, but you can occasionally get pieces with similar appearance and resistances to the 13 fabled armanents, but with a different colour scheme and higher defensive stats. 

When purifying you will receive a piece of armor from one of the Vocations. Which vocation the game chooses from is determined by the current Vocation of Arisen and Main Pawn. What item you get from that vocation is determined by an in-game counter. If you discard or give the cursed armor the next time you purify it will be one of the same three items the one you got rid of would have been.

By using the Godsbane after purifying you can go back and change the vocations of you and your main pawn to receive armor for another vocation. This essentially gives you a chance to choose one of three pieces of armor. This means that for example, if you were to purify a Nether Helm, you could receive a Hood of Shadow or a Grave Veil if you were to return to last save, change Vocations of Arisen and Pawn accordingly and to purify that same cursed item again.

BBI Armor Lv.3 Red
Common Armor
Head Armor Nether Helm Hood of Shadow Grave Veil
Torso Armor Traitor's Armor Coat of Shadow Grave Mantle
Arms Armor Sinner's Gauntlets Gauntlets of Shadow Grave Claws
Leg Armor Betrayer's Greaves Boots of Shadow Grave Greaves
Cloak Blasphemer's Cloak
Rare Armor
Head Armor Hellfire Helm Hood of Oblivion Carrion Veil
Torso Armor Hellfire Armor Coat of Oblivion Carrion Mantle
Arms Armor Hellfire Gauntlets Gauntlets of Oblivion Carrion Claws
Leg Armor Hellfire Greaves Boots of Oblivion Carrion Greaves
Cloak Hellfir
  • Hybrid vocations are considered to be two colours asimultaneously, which injects a random element into purification since the process can choose either of the two vocations. 

Special EffectsEdit

Additionally, all Level 3 Armors have a chance to include a passive bonus. Different types of pieces have different bonuses, and whilst the effect is often consistent between Heavy, Medium and Light armor, it will sometimes change to reflect the vocations for which the armor pieces are reserved.

Check Bonus Enhancements page for more details.

Head Armor:

  • Extends duration of equipped Skills (increases the length that magickal sigils remain on the field)
  • Boosts Strength when you've been noticed by a large group of enemies
  • Slightly reduce damage from arrows.
  • Reduces damage from arrows.

Chest Armor:

  • Your debilitations naturally heal themselves more quickly than normal.
  • Has a slight restorative effect on pawns near you. (When worn by a Pawn, it will heal the Arisen)
  • Gradually restores small amounts of Health.
  • Gradually restores Health.

Arm Armor:

  • Extends duration of equipped Skills
  • Slightly restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy.
  • Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy. (Will negate the immobilisation of Great Gamble)
  • Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you. ('Such as weapon enchantments and stat boosts)
  • Boosts the power of normal and magick shields.

Leg Armor:

  • Extends duration of enemy holds.
  • Slightly increases maximum item-carrying capacity.(Adds 10kg)
  • Increases maximum item-carrying capacity.(Adds 20kg)
  • Boosts movement speed while casting spells. (Does not affect Magick Bow skills, or skills such as Spellscreen, Blearing or Mystic Knight Sigils)
  • Prevents wind from affecting mobility. (Identical to the Ranger augment Stability )

Other notesEdit

  • In normal play, there seems to be no luck involved with the results of purification; only the class of the Arisen and Main Pawn at the time of purification will affect the outcome the purified item.
  • If players save a Checkpoint by resting at the Bench near Olra before seeking Purification, then they can choose to "Restart from last Checkpoint" if they do not like the outcome of the purification. They can then change their class and the class of their Main Pawn before requesting another Purification. Godsbane can also be used to reload from a previous save. Video example.
  • Gifting cursed items to pawns is the only way to share Bitterblack weapons and armor.  All rules above apply to the recipient.  The purified item is determined by the vocation of the Arisen and main pawn who request the purification; the item will be 're-rolled' ONCE when gifted or traded, so there is no guarantee that the item will have the same purification results when gifted/traded away. If that item returns to the first player (last in, first out), it will not have changed.
  • Bonus Enhancements can differ from one vocation group to another:
    • A Grave Mantle, for example, can give a slight restorative effect on pawns while Traitor's Armor purified from the same item may provide health recovery for the one who wears it.
    • The "blue" (Sorcerer/Mage) armors seem more likely to carry a different bonus enhancement than armor purified with the other vocations.

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