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Bitterblack Isle is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Bitterblack Isle is a dark and very mysterious place. Countless people have visited this place in hopes of finding something. Whether on a quest from a king of old or just seeking fame and glory, many who venture into the maze have never again seen the light of day.

Here live unspeakable creatures no one has seen outside its walls. Bitterblack Isle also is the home for strange plants that can be used to create new curatives; ores never seen before lie within rocks littering the entire isle.

The entrance is marked with an epitaph, a slab of stone etched with stories and accounts of other adventurers that have traveled into this forsaken place. Some of their tales might be of use for those who dare journey these halls.


This place is similar to the Everfall in terms of style of layout; tight corners, dark places, giant halls and open spaces. Many places within Bitterblack Isle look almost similar and have chests in almost the same place, so memory of one room may help with the next one.

Cursed loot is scattered throughout the Isle. When the curse is lifted one might find a rare and powerful item such as a weapon whose power is overwhelming, a ring that grants inhuman strength, or a potion that eases the mind and soul. Whatever the item may be, it waits within the halls of Bitterblack Isle.

There is an underlying system of death here. When one kills a monster, be it goblin or dragon, they all leave a bloody, rotting corpse behind that does not disappear. As the corpse rots the stench is carried through the halls and may attract hungry creatures. Deep exploration in Bitterblack Isle makes the air heavier and the smell travels in the halls faster and farther, which may attract even more dire monsters.

Bitterblack Isle contains the strongest enemies in Dragon's Dogma. Therefore, the Arisen should proceed with caution.


The interior is divided into 3 segments for each boss.


Bitterblack Isle ~ Visual Map Walkthrough


# Location Enemies Related Quests Map

Garden of Ignominy

Map Garden of Ignominy
2 Duskmoon Tower
Map Duskmoon Tower


Ward of Regret
Map Ward of Regret
2A1 Midnight Helix
Map Midnight Helix
2B Rotunda of Dread
Map Rotunda of Dread
3 Vault of Defiled Truth
Map Vault of Defiled Truth
4 Gutter of Misery
Map Gutter of Misery
4A The Warriors' Respite
Map The Warrior's Respite
5 Shrine of Futile Truths
Map Shrine of Futile Truths

Dark Bishop

# Location Enemies Related Quests Map
1 Corridor of Emptiness
Map Corridor of Emptiness
2 Fortress of Remembrance
Map Fortress of Remembrance
2A The Black Abbey
Map The Black Abbey
2B The Pilgrim's Gauntlet
Map The Pilgrim's Gauntlet
3 Tower of Treasons Repaid
Map Tower of Treasons Repaid
4 Forsaken Cathedral
Map Forsaken Cathedral


# Location Enemies Related Quests Map
1 Corridor of the Hallowed
Map Corridor of the Hallowed
2 Rotwood Depository
Map Rotwood Depository
3 The Forgotten Hall
Map The Forgotten Hall
4 The Bloodless Stockade
Map Bloodless Stockade
4A The Arisen's Refuge
Map The Arisen's Refuge
5 Sparyard of Scant Mercy
Map Sparyard of Scant Mercy
6 The Fallen City
Map Fallen City
7 Bitterblack Sanctum
Map Bitterblack Sanctum


Notice Board QuestsEdit

These Quests appear at the Pier of Bitterblack Isle. Edit

Map Bitterblack Isle

In Aid of the Emerald King

Visions of the End

The Wages of Death

Other Quests

Loot (outside the main entrance, near Olra) Edit

Points of InterestEdit

  • From the main entrance near Olra and the notice board it is possible to levitate up to every upper part of the exterior to access four bonus chests, and even up to the rear exit of Bitterblack Sanctum where the Daimon battle is fought, though the party cannot re-enter through the back door to Bitterblack Sanctum to re-fight or farm Daimon. Begin by levitating up the pillar near the entrance to the Corridor of Emptiness (the path to the right of the main entrance, if facing Olra).
  • The northern mining point on the third floor is rich in Rubicite.
  • There is a Resting Bench near Olra which can be used to rest and regain lost health. Using this Resting Bench is free of cost and differs from other resting spots around Gransys in that it does not advance time at the same rate as an Inn or Rest Camp. To advance time forward (in order to re-spawn enemies and chests within Bitterblack Isle) travel back to Cassardis (or any other rest area around Gransys) and sleep two for full day/night cycles (to re-spawn enemies) or four day/night cycles (to re-spawn chests).  
  • The Resting Bench can be used to re-spawn enemies some areas on BBI (such as the Post-Daimon Garden of Ignominy), but it may be necessary to sleep 4-5 times on the bench for time to sufficiently advance.
  • The quest notice board.



Content Contains Spoilers! Highlight the box below to read.

Due to the fact that Barroch isn't affected when The Dragon is defeated and the innumerable amount of Arisens that have perished upon the island, it is theorised that Bitterblack Isle is displaced from space and time in a way very much like The Everfall. This is supported by the sudden appearance of the island off the coast of Southern Gransys and that while players are on the island its moon and sky always looks like eternal night.

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