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Bitterblack Isle Maps (Post Daimon)

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These maps show several types of items on Bitterblack Isle.

Macabre Statue locations, Moonbeam Gems, chests and more. Please refer to the key for more details on symbols and numbers.

Bitterblack Isle Map (Post Daimon)Edit

This is a map of a second run through Bitterblack Isle -after- defeating Daimon. After beating Daimon chests will contain different loot amongst other differences.

For Pre Daimon maps plese go here:

How to useEdit

Macabre Sculpture Locations10:46

Macabre Sculpture Locations

There may be made some mistakes. So feel free to correct. Refer to the key to understand symbols and numbers:

- Maneater spawns are where I personally have encountered them, it doesn't mean you will always get a maneater. But it does mean you can anticipate what is to come and set up a strategy just in case.

- Ore types are not guaranteed, but rather a high chance these types can be mined at those spots.

- Only Bitterblack exclusive plants are listed.


BB Isle Map Key

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