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Bitterblack Isle Maps (Post Daimon)

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These maps show several types of items on Bitterblack Isle.

It displays Macabre Sculpture locations, Moonbeam Gems , chests and more. Please refer to the key for more details regarding symbols and numbers.

Bitterblack Isle Map (Post Daimon)Edit

This is a map of a second run through Bitterblack Isle -after- defeating Daimon. After beating Daimon chests will contain different loot amongst other differences.

For Pre-Daimon maps please go here:

How to useEdit

Macabre Sculpture Locations10:46

Macabre Sculpture Locations

Refer to the key for symbols and numbers:

- A Maneater indication doesn't mean you will always get a Maneater. Instead, the player can anticipate the possibility and set up precautionary strategy just in case.

- Ore types are not guaranteed, but rather there is a high chance the types listed can be mined at indicated spots.

- Only Bitterblack Isle-exclusive plantlife is listed.


BB Isle Map Key

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