Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A weapon bearing no maker's mark, cursed with blackest magick."

Bitterblack Weapons Level 3 can be purified at Olra for a fee of 28,800 RC.

The result of the purification of a Level 3 cursed weapon will give one of three weapons: one for melee (red), one for ranged (yellow), and one for spellcaster (vocations) - the choice depends on the vocation of Arisen and Pawn, and may be random if together the pair have more than one vocation 'color'.

The result can be pre-emptively changed by setting the vocations of Arisen and Pawn to a specific type before purifying.

For more details of the purification process see Purification.


Melee vocation results 
Daggerist vocation results 
Spellcaster vocation results 

Bitterblack Weapons Level 3

Used by: Basic Vocation Advanced Vocation Hybrid Vocation
Purified by Red Devil's Bane
Dread Aspis
Bitter End
Devil's Nail
Virge of Madness
Diabolic Shield
Purified by Yellow Framae Blades
Darkening Storm
Revenant Wail Blackwing Bow
Purified by Blue Dominion Claw Sanguine Stalk Dominion Claw


Found in post-Daimon chests: The Bloodless Stockade 12, The Fallen City 19, and Bitterblack Sanctum 1.

Dropped by:


  • Whilst the cursed item can be gifted, the purified results cannot.
  • All Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3s have a minimum level requirements of level 51. Until the level requirement is met, using even basic core attacks, weapon skills and sprinting will consume unusually large amounts of stamina. In addition, stamina will replenish at a much slower rate. Simply having Framae Blades equipped while an under-leveled Arisen fires basic shots from a Rusted Bow will consume considerable stamina.