Blast Arrow is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An arrow designed to explode on impact and wound all caught within the blast."

An arrow that explodes on contact, causing a shockwave, and possibly burning.

Such arrows may be found in chests throughout Gransys, or made through combining. For gold the can be had in great quantifies from Aestella's in Cassardis (unlimited stock Post-Game), at Camellia's Apothecary in Gran Soren (unlimited stock after the quest Come to Court). Additionally the vendors Jayce and Mathias have a limited stock.



Explosive head of the arrow

Blast Arrows are powerful explosive arrows that can be equipped to bows and longbows. They deal explosive fire damage and in turn, inflict burning.

They possess a very deadly stagger rate that will cause many (if not all) enemies to flinch upon being hit by it, in addition to inflicting massive damage.

Against smaller enemies, they will be blown upwards and plummet down to earth, requiring lengthy recovery time. The blast arrow detonations also cause an area of effect upon impact. In short, Blast arrows are portable explosive barrels.

Blast arrows are the most expensive (and heavy) arrows in the game, excluding the unique Maker's Finger. They can be used as a stunning weapon (needing only one shot for the most part to stagger), putting a finishing blow on an enemy or scattering a group of enemies.

Death slain in a single encounter-001:19

Death slain in a single encounter-0

A Ranger demonstrating the Blast Arrow technique in Hard Mode. Wielding a Goldforged Revenant Wail, the Ranger consumes 4 Salomet's Secrets, 4 Tagilus' Miracles, and 1 Sobering Wine to stagger and slay death in one encounter in the Pre-Daimon Garden of Ignominy. 130 Blast Arrows were used, firing 13 shots of Tenfold Flurry.

The earliest opportunity to buy them is from Jayce in the rest camp south of The Shadow Fort. After Come to Court they will be available in the Gran Soren item shop (Camellia's Apothecary).

Blast Arrows are a one time detonation and will not stack with Whirling Arrow or similar skills. A detonating blast arrow does not destroy the arrow (as seen with Whirling Arrow).

Usage and damage

  • Overall damage scales strongly with the user's attack power (unlike a throwblast which only increases slightly), and the damage also scales strongly with the bow or longbow's attack power.
  • Since the explosive damage is considered a Fire element attack, the damage escalates if the enemy is oiled prior to being hit with Blast Arrows.
  • The damage is mostly unaffected by distance traveled and can be used to inflict explosive damage to enemies farther away. The arrow damage diminishes with distance, but the much greater explosive damage is independent of range.
  • Damage is multiplied by strength boosting items such as Conqueror's Periapt.
  • A blast arrow fired from an unenchanted bow has no magickal component, and damage is not bettered by magick damage boosters such as Demon's Periapt.
  • Even if the weapon is enchanted, the damage from the blast arrow will not be increased by magic potions. However, the base damage from the enchanted arrow will.

Pawn use


  • Due to its flammability and explosive nature, a single blast arrow is usually enough to knock a Griffin from the sky, grounding it with its wings afire.
  • The blast has an area of effect that is useful for crowd control.
  • The Blast Arrow is also highly effective against Death using Flurry.


Product of

Name Name Product
Beech Branch + Flammica = Blast Arrow (x5)
Beech Branch + Necrophagous Loin = Blast Arrow (x5)
Beech Branch + Throwblast = Blast Arrow (x10)
Beech Branch + Ember Crystal = Blast Arrow (x15)