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Blessed Flower
Blessed Flower
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
180,000 G
39 G
Quest Items

Blessed Flower is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A flower consecrated by Quina herself."
"It brings joy when gifted to another."

"Time sensitive. Quest item. Grants weal."


  • Grants Weal while carried in the player's inventory for one day in game.



  • The Blessed Flower only has a life duration of one day. If kept in the player's inventory past this time, the flower will wilt into a Dead Flower and is moved into the Other Category.
    • Once wilted it will no longer grant Weal and cannot be turned in to complete Talent in Bloom. This should be avoided by making a copy at the Black Cat for 180,000 gold, or by keeping it in the Inn's storage, which "freezes" its state.
    • If a Blessed Flower is almost to the point of wilting, putting it into storage will change the other stored Blessed Flowers' internal clocks to match it. Therefore, removing another Blessed Flower will ensure that it will wilt quickly when its clock expires.
    • Unfortunately a Blessed Flower can not be combined with an Airtight Flask in order to preserve the Weal effect.
  • The Blessed Flower is susceptible to being spoiled by the poison clouds emitted by Cursed Dragons and Poisoned Undead found in the Dark Arisen expansion.  Sobering Wine protects the party's status for 90 seconds, including a Blessed Flower carried in the party's inventory.
  • If all copies of one's Blessed Flowers are in storage, resting three full game days will reset the Blessed Flowers' clocks to their beginning.  It is safest to simply rest for four 'days' to make sure these three full game days are indeed three full days of rest. 
  • Taking one Blessed Flower out of storage to use it then placing a second into another person's inventory and then replacing the older Blessed Flower into storage does not extend the life of the second Blessed Flower. The clock 'runs' from the time the first Blessed Flower was removed from storage.

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