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Blessed Flower
Blessed Flower
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
180,000 G
39 G
Quest Items

Blessed Flower is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A flower consecrated by Quina herself."
"It brings joy when gifted to another."

"Time sensitive. Quest item. Grants weal."



Forging and RefreshingEdit

Upon receiving the Blessed Flower from Quina, the Arisen should use a Ferrystone to return to Gran Soren immediately to have a forgery created at the Black Cat for 180,000 gold. After picking up the forged copy, the Arisen should put the two Blessed Flowers into Storage. 

  • The Blessed Flower only has a shelf-life of one day. If kept in the player's inventory for longer, the flower will wilt into a Dead Flower and appear in the Other Category.
    • Placing the flower in Storage will "freeze" its current state.
    • Once wilted it will no longer grant Weal and cannot be turned in to complete Talent in Bloom
    • Dead Flower cannot be combined with an Airtight Flask to revive its freshness.
  • Under normal circumstances, resting in Gransys for three full game days will reset the Blessed Flowers in Storage to their freshest state.
    • It is safest to rest for four 'days' to ensure that the three full game days of rest have been achieved.
    • Any Blessed Flowers in the inventory of the active party are susceptible to spoilage when resting in Gransys.
    • It is safe to use the Resting Benches in BBI with a Blessed Flower the active party's inventory; the Resting Benches only make one game hour pass.
  • Stacks of Blessed Flowers, generally, share the same properties of the least fresh flower in the stack.
    • A Blessed Flower whose game day is about to expire can be placed in Storage, but the flowers in storage may be contaminated by the used flower and will need to be reset.
    • In some cases, cross-contamination may be avoided by:
      • Taking a fresh flower from Storage into the inventory of a Pawn,
      • Depositing a used flower into Storage, then
      • Moving the fresh flower from the Pawn's inventory to the Arisen's
      • Caution: It is possible that this method may not work in all instances, although the exact circumstances that cause the failure are undetermined.
    • It is possible to experience a situation where the topmost Blessed Flower from a stack will not reset to its freshest state.
      • Attempting to reset this anomolous flower by replacing it in Storage and resting the requisite number of days may not be successful.
      • The Arisen can allow the flower to wilt and find that the next flower in the stack behaves properly.


  • The Blessed Flower is susceptible to being spoiled by the poison clouds emitted by Cursed Dragons and Poisoned Undead found in Bitterblack Isle.  Sobering Wine protects the party's status for 90 seconds, including a Blessed Flower carried in the party's inventory.
  • In some rare instances, the Impervious effect may not protect the Blessed Flower from spoiling, especially when the Arisen is too close to the poison blast of a Cursed Dragon.

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