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Blessed Trance
Holy enchanter
Skill Info
Mystic Knight
DP Cost
Rank Req.
Mystic Knight (Rank 8)
Magick Shield (Holy)

Blessed Trance is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Holy Enchanter that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's magick."


After a medium-length incantation, the weapons of allies within a few metres of the knight are enchanted with the holy element, as well as raising the recipient's Magick.


  • An advanced version of Holy Enchanter.
  • With Dark Arisen, it becomes Hallowed Invocation with the Shield Enchanter's Ring or Shield Enchanter's Band equipped.
  • The incantation time of the Enchanter and Trance abilities is longer than the Boon/Affinity spells and the effect duration is shorter, however having all four party members' weapons enchanted accounts for a great deal of fast damage, and better assurance of useful debilitations, like setting a griffin's wings aflame. It also ensures they have the element they need to modify spells like Perilous Sigil and Magick Cannon in case their pawns are being uncooperative.
  • Use the 'Come!' command to make sure all your pawns congregate and receive the effect.
  • Heals more often against any enemies weak to Holy such as Undead.

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