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  • Dragonlord247

    So when I'm fighting Daimon's Awakened form and he does his whole curling into a ball thing and tries to possess your Pawns he sometimes ends up possessing me. Nothing really happens other than that I get a dark cloud over me. Has anyone else ever have this happen to you before?

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  • Nat55atata

    After clearing the isles about 5 times withen 2 hours, i have still yet to find anything useable to me or my pawn, minus a Revenant Wail longbow. Seems like i will never get a full 2 sets of oblivion armor. Hell, i would even settle for the Highest str Longsword in the game, even though that would mean i need to get a hellfire set.. O well. Keep clearing, keep switching vocations before purification, and all that jazz

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  • Marcos123666

    I just really want to know how to tag certain words, and have them link to the page associated with them

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  • Frosty6644

    Need Help!!

    July 25, 2016 by Frosty6644

    I can't see my frineds pawns on the game but he can see mine i am online and so is he. We both have slept in inns as well and this is for pc, i have over 140 frineds that own this game and i can only see 5 of them in the game is there any thing i can do to fix this please help!! or add me on steam to talk me

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Okay,who's the one that vote me that Skyrim and DS1,2,3 is the most boring games?

    Skyrim is wow!What,why do I need to create such a charactees?Why do I need to create and change and change and repeated the same thing to change my character nose,pic,body and hair?

    I never play DS,but its really boring by some players,they say its boring and the textures in the workd is all white and grey.

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Well,I just relize some things that may be called as Easter Eggs and I want to share it to everyone!Please read!Okay,there it is,

    • If you search a name for your Arisen/Main Pawn's Moniker,one of them is Chun-Li.
    • If you search a name for your Arisen's/Main Pawn's Moniker,one of them is M.Bison.
    • There's also a moniker called Akuma,Ryu,Ken and even Asura from Asura's Wrath.

    • Between Day and Evening,there is a shadow that I see has no equipments and looks
    • There is a possibilities that Goblin may say "Who lets the dogs out!"that was possibly referance to the old popular song.
    • If you are lucky,you may find a female bandit that was attack by a direwolves,if you defeat the wolf,the female bandits may start to attack you,rather than saying …

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    ​This Blog Has Been Deleted

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Strange Pawn

    June 25, 2016 by Dragon'sGlaze

    First Event (My first playthrough in this game) - When I walked around Gran Soren and get to Caxton to buy Frozen Tomorrow. Suddenly my Pawn just said "I'm Drenched!" and I looked at them, they inside the Fountain, gathering Stone/Gold. I jumped there too and get on to the pillar, suddenly seeing an item, Gold. Don't know why my MP dind't take that item.

    Second Event - I fought Gorechimera and suddenly my MP say "Cockatrice!" And I said "Where!" And there are no Cockatrice, why...

    Thrid Event - I just fought Death, and suddenly Garm appears too. I said "Help" and no one come, I look at the Balcony and see my MP and P get stucked here (Maybe an ordinary Event) , then Death appear at my MP/P back and use Death's Scythe and they die. I'm scared…

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    This Blog Has Been Deleted

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  • Dragonlord247

    Seriously look.

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  • Grim-Red

    Hi there. ^_^

    Farming the drake, as a matter of personal taste, is a pain in the rear.

    This aside, the drake has a small chance of giving to your equipment the "dragonforged" status ( very small chance) early in game, so it's worthy of a shot, and i was hoping to get one of the pieces of armor with that............................................

    Well.....i've made it.

    My Arisen now has a spanking new dragonforged rusted bow.

    Cheeky irony, isn't it?

    Note aside: with a 3 stars enchanted rusted bow, i took the drake's heart down quite quickly, except for the very last blow, wich caused a delayment of finishing the task, having the whole party pretty much obliterated due to the fact that the beast moves too much and to quickly despite is poisoned A…

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  • Savan123

    so i bought Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen yesterday and i already had DD with a character level 63 and i know that you can continue from here you stopped in DD in DA but every time i go to DA he creates a new save data and doesn't have the option to load my previous save from DD. any help? i play in the PS3 and already had DA in xbox 360. and i want all the bonuses that come with the dlc like the eternal ferrystone and etc.

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  • Grim-Red

    Arisen's to do list

    April 3, 2016 by Grim-Red

    Wake up at the Pawn's Guild

    Ignore the Pawn's rambling, Maker's breath, they never ever shut up!

    Thow Pip first in the Everfall:

    i saved your home, little brat, now you complain exactly because if you didn't have that home you wouldn't have lost your parents....Well....enjoy the fly! I'll see you tomorrow, here, same routine, welcome in the Ethernal Chain.

    Throw the soldiers in the Everfall:

    i've saved your asses in every siege, dragged you off the Griffin's claws, from the dragon itself and you decided to turn against me.

    Well, here you go, enjoy the trip.

    Throw all the survived citizen in the Everfall, except the merchants, of course, after scaring the life out them drawing the weapons out.

    Same of the soldiers, you bunch of ignorant donkeys.


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  • Grim-Red


    March 29, 2016 by Grim-Red

    Test blabla

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  • Stingerman06

    Current activity

    February 21, 2016 by Stingerman06

    So I've been at it, working on a new pawn for the past week or so. The pawn I'm working on is Zangief, and I'm attempting to make him a physical tank. Brute strength, brute defense and as close to the actual Street Fighter character as I can get. Once he reaches lvl 200, I'll start dressing him up as best as I can. He's currently lvl 34 as of this blog entry. I'm roaming BBI with 2 lvl 200's, so the process is slow, but I'm aiming for discipline instead of exp currently. More status updates on Zangief later.

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  • Thefrostbite

    Arisen's Bond

    December 17, 2015 by Thefrostbite

    can someone give me an arisen bond please (arisen bond) GT: TrYkkz

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  • ObsidianDraconis

    Fellow Arisens,

    You are invited to join a PS4 community. The community is focused to bring upon seasoned and beginner Arisens across the realms of Dragon's Dogma:

    • Share Dragon Battle Strats
    • Post Ur-Dragon Updates and Grace Periods
    • Setup Equipment & Item Trades
    • Share your Pawns
    • Game discussion and events.

    This is an open community for all. Join the Elite of Dragon's Dogma.

    In order to join a particular community on the PS4 you must search the owner of the community. Sony has not yet implicated a search function to find the community itself.

    (1) Search the owner of the community in Friends. PSN ID: DrAKonicSouL

    (2)Choose the owner and then select the community option in the menu. The display will show which communities are owned by the …

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  • XuEn

    31 October - strange glitch..

    October 31, 2015 by XuEn

    So I'm about to use a portcrystal and get the ferrystone ready - the list comes up of destinations - I'm expecting the usual - Bluemoon tower, Bloodwater beach, Greatwall and so on - instead a get a list that all say "Verda Woodlands" - how odd.. All my portcrystals seem to have glitched to the same place somewhere around Aernst Castle ..

    Expecting the worst I decide against using the stone, and travel there on foot - here's a record of what I saw:

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  • Ser Gumshoe

    Basically, I was exploring, decided to go into the Frontier Caverns, made it to Proving Grounds, and killed the armored Cyclopes. And now, I can't proceed. It says 'Enemies.. They're close.' despite everything being dead. Is there a possible solution for me? My entire team is level 27, and I play as an Assassain. Gracias, friends.

    EDIT: I am using the PS3, and my online ID is ZaMbIeSdIeNoW21 (zambiesdienow21 captoggle) if you wish to use my main pawn. I am a low level, yes, but he makes up for it! Most updated version, no DLC downloaded.

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  • Shantoh66

    Late intoduction.

    October 15, 2015 by Shantoh66

    I figured I had better write a blog or something about Dragon's Dogma. I bought the game when Dark Arisen came out for PS3. I never got around to playing much at first.

    I am nearing level 190 now, played through most of the game as a Warrior with my main pawn Valoria as Mage/Sorcerer.

    Now I have started leveling Magic Archer with Valoria working on her Warrior skills.  Eventually I hope to switch and get to Sorcerer with Valoria as a Strider but I am not certain I have enough levels left to max out vocation levels.

    Seeing her struggle as a Warrior made me think how about balance. I feel the game is very balanced. Warriors are heavy hitters, it is just a matter of knowing where to put the sword. Yes the stagger, and knockdown resistance means …

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  • Queenofbithynia


    August 14, 2015 by Queenofbithynia

    Alright, so no one knows me, and that's okay; I just need a question answered, if it is a legitimate one that can.

    I'm on my NG cycle right now in Bitterblack Ilse, Pre-Daimon. My character is a level 118 Assasin with a one-star Cursed Bite and red dragonforged Dragon's Rancor, with a level 118 Warrior pawn with a red dragonforged Dragon's Dogma (this isn't really important, just in case anyone wanted to know about my pawn). I've already entered the Daimon's boss-room but I haven't fought him yet - my character isn't up to it yet, obviously, maybe even with Automony, and Tagilus' Maricles with Conqueor's Periapts. I should also mention that I have the proper ring for Deadly Gouge, but that's more besides the point for this issue. So, all th…

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  • Allgorhythm

    Warrior, Strider, Sorcerer defeat both Daimon's forms in less than a minute.  Hard Mode zero damage suffered.

    The following illustrates the effectiveness of a dagger wielder quickly subduing each of Daimon's forms before he can use his dangerous attacks:

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  • Allgorhythm

    I was curious if it was possible to defeat Death in the fleeting first encounter in the Garden of Ignominy .  So, in a --New Game Plus and on Hard Difficulty, I created a Party with high stagger/knockdown.  It consisted of a Strider equipped with one Barbed Nails & a Strider's Band (Brain Splitter/Hailstorm Volley) and a Magick Archer, Sorcerer, and Ranger each equipped with two Barbed Nails. The 7 Barbed Nails in the party give it +700 stagger +700 knockdown.  Staggered and knocked down, Death is unable to retreat and quickly succumbs to a combination of attacks--Riccochet Hunter, Immolation, Brain Splitter, High Fulmination, and Great Gamble.

    After defeating Death, the party continues on to the Duskmoon Tower .  Upon entering, the cut sce…

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  • Kotine

    please gift miasmite to my psn pawn GT: xx_BullEtmonkey

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  • DoctaMittens

    Pawn Problems

    July 31, 2015 by DoctaMittens

    Hey there, name is Sage, or Mittens.

    But anyway, my pawn is level 126 as of today, but when my friend tries to hire my pawn, it says that he is only level 47, as right before I killed the dragon on my first playthrough, how do I fix this?

    My PSN is Eggwhite069 btw, feel free to add me :) and thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Allgorhythm

    Pre-Grace Kill

    July 17, 2015 by Allgorhythm

    This is not the best video.  I did not record it directly but spliced together the time shift files from my capture card so there's a little missing around the three minute mark.  However, it's an example of a pre-Grace kill.  Notable is that Ur-D started out with health very close to the damage cap.  Also, that one of the pawns is only level 31 and performed superbly.  Also performing superbly, is the mage, Ellie who bombards Ur-D with High Frigor. 

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  • MKFTW2

    I'm back

    July 16, 2015 by MKFTW2

    Picked the game back up after a break, still as fun as ever. I beat the game in just a few short hours yesterday , it was the first time i played as a Magick Archer. It was pretty fun. Still, my favorite vocation remains to be Mystic Knight. What's your favorite vocation? and are you still actively playing the game? The blog posts have been scarce.

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  • Allgorhythm

    I always like to take a Sorcerer along when fighting Ur-D.  Primarily, I like the Sorcerer to cast High Fulmination to energize the physical attacks.  Here, Sakura delivers the trifecta.  She has, mid-battle, cast a Holy enchantment on Leila's Framae daggers; she is energizing the Striders and Ranger with High Fulmination; when she is not casting High Fulmination, she is barraging Ur-D with the devastating High Maelstrom and High Bolide.

    The strategy is consistent with what is discussed in previous blog posts.  The Arisen, Leila (Strider), is equipped with two Barbed Nails to increase her Stagger and Knockdown each by 200.  Nora, the Ranger, is equipped with Great Gamble and carries a large quantity of Mushroom Potages to replenish stamina.…

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  • Ohatsu

    game modes

    June 21, 2015 by Ohatsu

    Hi, I recently started playing dragon's dogma again and Im currently planning my playthroughs, this is my fourth and will kill grigori as MK or ranger, however i dont plan on getting anymore dragon weapons and instead i will go to bitterblack, so what i wanna know is, will progressing through bitterblack then killing the seneshal reset BB?

    Forgive the title name, i was going to ask how speedrun and hardmode would affect my normal mode save, but i already got my answer by reading their pages before posting this blog, however i dont know how to change the title and im a bit unwilling to restart it.

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  • Dspamming

    If anyone still playing DA on Xbox 360, please, add me and use my pawn for free :)

    Gamertag: deseonia Pawn: Morathi

    I can use yours too :D


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  • Captain Gel

    Item Giveaway

    May 28, 2015 by Captain Gel

    I'm starting up the item giveaway again. From Gold Idols to Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3's and more, just let the Captain know and he'll hook you up.

    On an unrelated note, I'm also looking for a Nebula Cape. If any of you have one, I'd be happy to trade you for it.

    PSN: cptgel

    Pawn name: Logan

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  • Allgorhythm

    The furniture in my study includes a built-in desk and credenza.  The credenza, to the left of the desk, houses quite a few audio video components including a 360, a Japanese 360, XBox One, Japanese PS2, PS3, PS4, Japanese PS4, Japanese Dreamcast, Japanese Saturn, Direct TV Mini-Genie, and an Oppo 105D Blu-Ray Disc Player (IMHO the gold standard until the Oppo UDP-205 comes out in 2017).  Sitting at the desk, I have a computer monitor on either side and a 50 inch TV on the facing wall.  Additionally, I have a Wacom Cintiq 13HD creative pen and touch monitor that functions as a fourth display.  Note that the image on the big TV is the Ur-Dragon Generation 728 opening post:

    Except for the subwoofer, the speakers are all built into the ceilin…

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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers


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  • Allgorhythm

    My 62 year old hands suffer from osteoathritis and the gruelling consecutive Ur-D battles with constant 100/1,000 Kisses slashing take their toll.  Ghost of Kirin recommended the Hori Pad EX2 Turbo that is able to assign a turbo or rapid fire function to each button:

    I just received it yesterday and, although I have not had much time to use it yet, I have put it through its paces and a preliminary report follows.  The pad is the same size as the standard XBox Controller but the sides are a lit

    tle more flared.  In Fig. 1,  the Hori is to the left of a Razer Sabertooth and 

    below a standard XBox 360 controller.

    The Hori controller provides three features not found on a…

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  • Allgorhythm

    So he got a tracheotomy:

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  • Allgorhythm

    The damage cap varies from generation to generation.  So, until you establish (or are informed) what the damage cap is, you won't be able to optimize the damage inflicted in a session.  For Generation 724, the damage cap was very close to what is often referred to as a two dot span.  This is the span covered by three dots.  The distance between the first and second dot is a one dot span and the distance between the second and thrid dots adds another dot's span for a total of a two dot span length.

    I normally discover the damage cap by trial and error rather by a systematic approach to discover what it is.  Below are two videos that demonstrate the damage cap for Generation 724.  The first exceeds the cap and the second that does just a litt…

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  • Allgorhythm

    Getting some Tail

    May 19, 2015 by Allgorhythm

    The Ur-Dragon gets nervous when you start to mess with his tail.  Because he is often waving it around, it's sometimes difficult to target individual tail hearts.  I like to jump on the tail and slash away with 100/1,000 Kisses.  However, inevitably Ur-D will knock me off.  I don't believe it is possible to grapple the tail indefinitely.

    When thrown or knocked off the tail, one usually lands behind the Ur-Dragon.  This sets you up for some excellent bow shots.  You can aim along the tail to center of mass.  You're essentially shooting at the side of the barn and are bound to hit something.  A Downpour/Hailstorm Volley can target the rear hearts.  Fivefold or Tenfold Flurry has spread decreasing the need for pinpoint accuracy.  Regular shots…

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  • Allgorhythm

    I'd expected Generation 722 to go a lot more quickly than it did.  The big heart on the chest was virtually untouched so I thought I'd see how robust it was.  It took half a dozen times inflicting close to the damage each time before it was destroyed.  After it was destroyed, the servers synched and the heart reappeared.  It took two more sessions to destroy it for good.

    The below video was an encounter .  Around the 3:30 mark, Nei grapples the lower left rear leg and slashes with 100 kisses.  Although the event cannot be seen in the video, it is apparent from the mini-map.  After the 3:30 mark, Ur-D on the minimap is defined by the Arisen's white triangle on the chest and Nei's red triangle on the rear left leg.  This combination is very e…

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  • Allgorhythm

    Having had success using a Ranger equipped with Great Gamble to regulate the fight against the Online Ur-Dragon, the next logical step was to use two Rangers.  My main pawn, Nei, changed her vocation to Ranger, equipped with Great Gamble, Comet Shot, 100 Kisses, and Instant Reset.  Both Rangers were provided with 100 Mushroom Potages each.  The members of the team are shown in the above Gallery.

    The two Rangers worked well together.  Their frequent use of Great Gamble and subsequent stamina replenishment kept the entire party topped off with stamina since the only stamna curatives available to them were group curatives.  Leila, the Airsen (Strider) was able to lay down a continuous barrage of 100 Kisses that ensured the powerful attacks fro…

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  • Allgorhythm

    After fighting the last several Ur-Dragon generations with a wide variety of teams, using pawns of all vocations, setups, and levels; I resumed my formal investigations with Generation 722.  I was focused on how to 'box' the Ur-Dragon into a corner of the terrain that was disadvantageous to him.  While keeping him in a subdued state, I wanted to inflict damage that was close to the cap and not exceed it.  

    My Arisen, Leila, and Main Pawn, Nei, are set up with high stagger and knockdown.  They both wear a pair of Barbed Nails giving each an additional 200 stagger and 200 knockdown.  Whereas, in the past, I have also equipped the support pawns each with a pair of Barbed Nails, for this round of experiments, I left their original equipment int…

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  • Dovahmasters

    how do I get a magic bow stronger than magian crutch, I've looked all over gransys accessed all the weapon and armour shops, even gave the one in gran soren a bronze idol, I don't know if I need to make more progress in the story, (I'm level 43 and have just finished both trials and tribulation and griffin's bane)

    if anyone wants to give me one my pawn's name is Sarada, my Arisen's name is Kaname, and My xbox live gamertag is Uchihamasters In return I'll use your pawn and attempt to find something useful for said pawn as long as I can afford it, and the game stops being stingy with weapons and armour

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  • Allgorhythm

    As so often happens, I was asleep at the switch when Ur-Dragon, Generation 718 went to Grace.  It irked me because had fought several dozen sessions.  So, I was not kindly disposed towards Generation 719.  Starting from full health, I battled him constanttly until he had only a sliver of health left.  Considering that he was being taken to the woodshed, he seemed a little uppety.  He mumbled something and raised his left paw as if to give me the finger.  Unfortunately for him, I beat him to the punch.  In this finger duel, I guess you could say he was hoist with his own petard.


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  • Allgorhythm

    Recently, we have been including a Ranger equipped with Great Gamble in the party combatting the Ur-Dragon. The Ranger exhausts all stamina when firing Great Gamble and must replenish.  The Ranger is provided only with group stamina curatives.  Thus, the Ranger replenishes the stamina of each member of the party.

    In this video, a Fighter accompanies a Magick Archer and two Striders.  The Fighter is equipped with Dragon's Maw that serves a similar purpose to the Ranger in the strategy described above.  The use of Dragon's Maw rapidly depletes stamina compelling the Fighter to replenish.  Since the only stamina curatives are group curatives, the Fighter restores the stamina of all party members.

    The result in both of these strategies is that t…

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  • Allgorhythm

    When fighting as a Strider, I like to open with Cloudburst Volleys using Blast Arrows to put the Ur-Dragon on the defensive.  As you can see in the below video, he is never able to gain the upper hand.

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  • Allgorhythm

    Previously, I'd used the Maker's Finger at the beginning of a fight with the Ur-Dragon by shooting him in the chest.  However, since I like to grapple the Dragon on the chest, I thought I'd go for the more difficult head shot.  It took a few seconds to get in position but the shot connected and the Ur-Dragon kissed the ground.  After that, it was a question of grappling him and keeping him on the defensive.

    The party is buffed up before the fight.  During the fight, however; the menu is never opened.  The Ranger makes liberal use of Mushroom Potages to replenish stamina following Great Gamble shots.  The Mushroom Potages replenish the stamina of the entire party.  This enables the Arisen to maintain a constant barrage of 100 Kisses against …

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  • Allgorhythm

    Farming Death

    May 2, 2015 by Allgorhythm

    Shortly after I first entered BBI, I found that Death was constantly in the Bloodless Stockade.  Searching for a safe spot, I discovered that the back corners of the lower part of a chamber could not be reached by Death's Scythe.  Later, I found out that the party could attack from the safe spot.  Initially, I would wait till Death went into the Chamber and then attack with Magick Archer's Ricochet Hunters.  The logical next step was to attack Death through the grate.  It turned out this was extremely effective.  Death could be caught unawares and was more vulnerable while not alert.

    Later, I changed the difficulty from Normal to Hard and found out that the technique worked just as well.  The above video is Pre-Daimon, New Game Plus on Hard…

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  • Sas647

    It's been a while since we've heard anything about it, other than it having entered closed beta. Did anyone here get to play it? Or heard anything at all...

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  • MKFTW2

    I just can't...

    April 23, 2015 by MKFTW2

    Every time i start a new game i get 4-5 hours into the story then start over, i'm so indecisive. This time i went with a Guts cosplay, and i'm having fun with my Judeau pawn, but i'm sure soon enough i'll get bored and do it all over again..anyone else having this problem?

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  • Evnyofdeath

    SO. I haven't been around much, and honestly haven't played DD since I got my PS4. However I've recently got the urge to dust off my PS3 and resume my quest in Gransys. I might have mentioned elsewhere, but my original PS3 died, and with it I lost most of all of the Save Data for all of my PS3 games (save a back up for Dark Souls). On my original save file I had a pair of Ur Dragon masks, namely the Siegfried and Apollo Masks. Since farming for them again is a daunting task that could consume a hellish amount of time, I was wondering if there would be a person on the wiki kind enough to gift those masks to me, if they have spares. 

    If anyone is willing my PSN is Evnyofdeath. Though, it will likely have to wait until Saturday or Sunday, as m…

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  • MKFTW2

    Add me!

    April 20, 2015 by MKFTW2

    Feel free to add me on all 3 of my accounts, i'm always happy to lend a hand or make a trade. I play on both platforms but i'm on PS3 more than Xbox.

    PSN: Deny-Happiness


    Xbox Live GT: EX Ryusokyaku

    Hope to see one of you soon!

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