Bloodred Crystal is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A gem harvested from the carcass of a strigoi. Used in the crafting of weapons and armor."


  • Dropped by Strigoi, only if they manage to drain blood from the Arisen or their Pawns (Indicated by a red glow in their tails).


Method for Acquiring

Due to the landscape of the area, farming the 3 Strigoi that spawn with 3 Sirens and 3 Gargoyles as a random encounter in The Black Abbey (Post-Daimon) is arguably the best method for acquiring this rare drop. With a party of three Pawns and a Liftstone in your inventory, simply run around dodging attacks while monitoring your Pawns. More likely than not, a Strigoi will use its impale attack on one of your Pawns. Wait a couple of seconds after the Strigoi's tail begins glowing red and then rush in to kill it. Watch for what drops and if you see a red sphere then you have obtained a Bloodred Crystal. Pick it up and then either use your Liftstone or kill the remaining enemies.

Godsbaning may be used to speed up farming. If a Bloodred Crystal is not dropped the player can simply use the Godsbane blade to kill themselves and then load their save to try again.


3 Star Enhancement

Silver Rarifying

Gold Rarifying


  • If the Pawns is dead when the Strigoi drain their blood (Optionally is HP), the Strigois' tail may still glowing, but only for a short period of time (Its necessary to heal the pawns everytime their HP gone low, example is 2,000- of HP).