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Boar are naturally occurring Fauna in Dragon's Dogma.


Boars are pigs of the genus, Sus. They can be found all over Gransys, particularly in woodlands and sometimes in Greenland areas not too far away from the roads. Boars will not engage the Arisen on sight, but if you approach them and linger for too long, they will attack due to provocation.


The following items can be stolen from Boars using Master Thief.

  • They often drop 100 RC when slain by a person with the Fortune augment equipped.


Boars appear native in Gransys in a number of locations, including: in the Witchwood, along Conquest Road, in the Deos Hills south of the Healing Spring, in the Verda Woodlands off the road, north of Miner's Toolshed, and in Devilfire Grove, in front of The Shadow Fort entrance, and north of the Eradication Site (10).

They are also found in livestock pens next to the Fields in Gran Soren.

Related quests


  • Boars can be carried, and if tossed at a pawn, it will do its best to catch it. If caught, the pawn will throw the Boar back to the Arisen unless the Boar is aggravated.
  • Boars take a small amount of damage each time they are thrown and will eventually die.
  • Boarball. No further description necessary.

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