Bone of Contention is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Damn every last bone of those blighted skeletons! Presumptuous rotters, accosting the living when they haven't even a brain left in their pates! Damned well ruined all my wares, they did -- I'll not rest till they've been ground down to powder!"

Kill 36 Skeletons in The Catacombs.


This quest becomes available on the Pawn Guild notice board after first entering Gran Soren.

Skeletons can be found in The Catacombs, The Everfall, or at night in around the Deos Hills and Conquest Road areas; as well as The Watergod's Altar and Bluemoon Tower.

Once enough skeletons have been defeated, the quest will complete and the skulls will be added to the Arisen's inventory.


  • Despite the region mentioned, any skeleton encountered and defeated counts towards the total.
  • Slaying Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Mages, Skeleton Sorcerers will count towards completing this quest.
  • The rewarded skulls are useful towards the Head Count quest which requires 66 skulls to complete.