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Bow Skills are exclusive skills for the Strider and Assassin.


Primarily centered around giving arrows more power or firing multiple shots.

Strider and Assassin:

Skill Rank DP Description
Threefold Arrow Already Learned - Fires Three arrows in rapid succession.
Triad Shot 1 200 Fires three arrows in a wedge pattern.
Full Bend 3 700 Draws the bow with all the user's might, then looses a shot straight ahead.
Pentad Shot 4 900 An advanced form of Triad Shot that fires five arrows in a wedge pattern instead of three.
Mighty Bend 5 1,200 An advanced form of Full Bend that requires less time to nock the arrow, enabling faster successive firing.
Fivefold Flurry 7 2,000 An advanced form of Threefold Arrow that fires five arrows in rapid succession.
Terrible Bend Requires Bowman's Ring - An advanced form of Mighty Bend that further shortens the time required to nock the arrow.

Strider Only:

Skill Rank DP Description
Cloudburst Volley 1 250 Sends a wall of arrows skyward to rain down on a broad area.
Downpour Volley 4 1,100 An advanced form of Cloudburst Volley that expands the area of the attack.
Splinter Dart 6 2,000 Sends up an explosive arrow that splits in mid-air, showering the area with smaller missiles.
Fracture Dart 8 3,500 An advanced form of Splinter Dart. Sends up an explosive arrow that splits in mid-air, showering an even wider area with smaller missiles.
Whistle Dart 8 3,500 Looses an arrow that produces a piercing screech, halting foes for a moment's time.
Shriek Dart 9 5,000 An advanced form of Whistle Dart that emits a louder cry to stun more enemies.
Hailstorm Volley Requires Strider's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Downpour Volley that launches more arrows and further expands the area of the attack.

Assassin Only:

Skill Rank DP Description
Puncture Dart 1 400 Fires a shot capable of piercing multiple targets, especially effective when combined with Poison Arrows.
Keen Sight 3 1,200 Special sight augments the user's vision allowing them to target distant foes. Each shot requires extensive Stamina.
Skewer Dart 3 1,200 An advanced form of Puncture Dart that is capable of piercing even more targets and can also cancel a foe's block.
Blunting Arrow 4 1,600 Looses an arrow steeped in paralyzing elixir that induces torpor in the target.
Lyncean Sight 5 2,200 An advanced form of Keen Sight that lets the user see farther and adjust the range of his or her sight as needed.
Plegic Arrow 6 2,000 >An advanced form of Blunting Arrow that strikes with added force and induces torpor with greater frequency.
Eagle Sight Requires Assassin's Ring/Band - An advanced form of Lyncean Sight that increases sight range level and consumes less of the user's Stamina.

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