Brine wiki

Arisen encountering the brine.

Brine are tiny mist-like creatures that live in the large bodies of water surrounding and within Gransys. Their existence makes it difficult and dangerous to traverse deep rivers, lakes, or the ocean.

Coming into contact with the Brine will deplete Stamina. If the Arisen "drowns" in Brine-infested waters they will reappear near the shore of the body of water after a short time. However, Pawns will return to the Rift, humans will perish, and monsters will be killed.


  • Brine is always in deep water, so don't fear crossing rivers. There are river areas that are Brine-infested, but the water level is also very deep there. This is common near waterfalls.
  • Luring Boss monsters into the Brine is an easy way to kill them, although this will forfeit any loot drops.
  • NPCs lost to the brine will respawn after 7 in-game days as normal.
  • Tossing into the brine is an easy way to dispose of Hired Pawns ... pawns consumed by the Brine receive a three star rating
    • The Legion's Might staff will not auto-revive pawns that are consumed by the Brine.
  • Outside of the lore, the Brine exists to effectively act as a barrier around and within the game world, similar to how some games use "invisible walls." It prevents the player from venturing too far out of bounds and allows the creation of deep pools of water without having to code the ability to swim.


On Bitterblack Isle one can actually walk under water defeating the Brine. 

  1. Unequip any weapon for ease.
  2. Walk to the end of the dock.
  3. Jump towards the boat and as soon as you're about to grab on to the boat do a Light Attack.
  4. You should now fall through the boat into the water without triggering the Brine.