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Arisen encountering the brine.

Brine is a Enemy in Dragon's Dogma

Brine are tiny mist-like creatures that live in the large bodies of water surrounding, and sometimes within, Gransys, and are very dangerous. Their existence makes it extremely difficult to enter rivers or the ocean, or travel through them.


"Drowning" in brine infested waters will result in the player washing up on the shore of whatever body of water they drowned in. Pawns who drown will be returned to the rift however, meaning they will have to be resummoned with whatever costs may be associated with that.


  • The Brine does not inflict any damage to the Arisen, who will awaken on a nearby shore. Pawns, NPCs and monsters consumed by the Brine will perish. Pawns will need to be re-hired at a Rift Stone, NPCs will respawn after 7-in game days and monsters will stay dead but not drop any loot.
  • Coming into contact with Brine infested waters depletes the Arisen's and Pawn's Stamina.
  • Brine is usually in deep water. So don't fear crossing rivers.
  • Luring Boss monsters into the Brine is an easy way to kill them (although this will forfeir any loot drops).
  • Even the Seneschal can be taken by the Brine in the deeper waters of Cassardis.
  • The Legion's Might staff (Mage pawns) will not auto-revive pawns that are consumed by the Brine. Drowned pawns will need to be re-hired at a Riftstone.

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