Bronze Idol is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A figurine required to do business with a talented artisan. This one is crafted of polished bronze."

Bronze Idols can be found inside of the Witch's House in Witchwood, or inside in the Lair of The Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll.

The Bronze Idol lowers shop prices by 10% - discounts are given at all shops, both in Cassardis and Gran Soren, and by travelling vendors. Discounts are not given at The Black Cat, or by Fournival. Enhancing costs are unchanged.

The idol can be used to complete the quest; Idol Worship or Supplier's Demand.


  • The discount effect does not stack with other objects or papers granting a discount.
    • The best discount from a single item held is applied
    • A discount item needs to be in the party's inventory and not storage for the discount to be given.
  • A Bronze Idol Forgery will grant the same discount as the original.