Burden of Proof is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Burden of Proof has 3 different versions :


Geo Saurian


  • Defeat 3 Golems
  • Obtained from: Notice board at Pablos' Inn in Cassardis during the Wyrmhunt License quests.


"From the Duke's Advisory Council to the latest brazenly claiming the title of "Arisen" - Having heard much of your insolence, we would have you prove whether you are truly worthy of the great Wyrmking's blessing or if you ought to be put down like the uncultured beast you seem to be."


Geo Saurian Locations

Golem Locations

  • Bandit's Den up north near The Bluemoon Tower.
    Burden of Proof (Golem quest walkthrough)03:25

    Burden of Proof (Golem quest walkthrough)

    Finding 3 Golems to slay is made easier with this re-spawning technique. Slay the Golem at Pastona Caverns, sleep at the Rest camp to the north for 7 days, then return to Pastona Caverns to the south and slay the re-spawned Golem again. Repeat this cycle until the 3 Golems needed to complete this quest are slain. This same process can also be done with the Golem at the Tomb of the Unknown Traveller and the Rest camp near Devilfire Grove.


Geo Saurian