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Burst Strike is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Blink Strike honed to travel greater distances before visiting a powerful blow upon foes."


  • An advanced version of Blink Strike, dashing forward with greater speed and distance.
  • With Dark Arisen, it becomes Blitz Strike with the Swordsman's Ring or Swordsman's Band equipped.
  • Simliar to a fencing lunge, this blade thrust quickly closes the distance between the Arisen and fast moving enemies like wolves. This skill is the closest thing to a ranged attack for the Fighter vocation.
  • Has very high Knockdown power.
  • Can be used to evade incoming attacks, dashing clear to a safe distance.


  • This skill is very similar to the Stinger skill that Dante from the Devil May Cry series uses.


  • initial charge
  • wind up
  • thrust

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