Call of the Arisen is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A mysterious voice called when you arrived at the encampment. Perhaps it is your destiny that beckons..."

Investigate the mysterious voice, and answer its call.


This quest becomes available as soon as the Arisen enters The Encampment - a mysterious voice speaks and asks the Arisen to face the challenge.
Call of the Arisen (quest walkthrough)04:52

Call of the Arisen (quest walkthrough)

Aim for the Cyclops' eye and tusks to slay it quicky.

Heed the Voice

The quest requires the Arisen to seek out the Rift Stone inside the 'Command Headquarters' in The Encampment.

Follow the path upwards to the central area of The Encampment. There is a large tent here where Mercedes is standing outside of and inside is Ecbal.

Head inside the tent and speak to the mysterious voice in the Rift Stone.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Call of the Arisen06:02

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Call of the Arisen

Search the Area

Once the player has spoken with the voice, head down the path and a cutscene will trigger with soldiers running towards the northern gate.

Follow them and exit the encampment through the northern gate and prepare for battle.

Drive off the Threat

Once outside, there will be a Cyclops attack on the soldiers along with several Goblins.

The Cyclops isn't very considerate of its allies and can dispatch them, so use that as an advantage. With the help of Rook and the soldiers, the creature should be easily dispatched - the Cyclops is already worn down and has only a sliver of Health left.

Report to the Rift

Call of the Arisen1

Once the Cyclops has been defeated, return to the encampment and report back to the Rift Stone in the central tent.

Make sure to pick up any items the Cyclops may have dropped.

Quest successful

Upon talking with the Rift Stone the quest is completed and a cutscene will trigger. Afterwards, the Main Pawn creation will start.

This Main Pawn is different from Hired Pawns in that it will be fully customizable, much like the Arisen, and will level alongside the player. Main Pawns will always stay with the player.


Upon completing Call of the Arisen, a secret trophy or achievement will unlock entitled A New Ally - earned for summoning a Main Pawn.

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