Cassardis is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Village

Cassardis (カサディス?) is the hometown of the Arisen, and the first town that the player begins his/her journey from. Cassardis was once autonomous, but became a vassal of Gran Soren during Chief Adaro's leadership in exchange for greater protection.[1]

"I have lived in Cassardis all my life. Legend says that long ago, a king rose and ended the warring that had gripped the peninsula. But today, there are few remnants left of the ancient kingdoms, and fewer still know we are the descendants of kings. Cassardis is looked upon as a simple fishing village under the rule of Gran Soren. The area might not be as exciting as it once was but we are fully self-sufficient and you won't find a better lobster dinner in all the land."
Cassardis Map-small

Cassardis Map - 1 Aestella's, 2 Barn, 3 Benita's, 4 Chief's house, 5 Fisherman's House, 6 Heraldo's Grocery, 7 Inez's Alehouse, 8 Iola's House, 9 Pablos' Inn, 10 Rift Stone, 11 Starfall Bay, 12 Village Chapel, 13 Pier, 14 Well to Dripston cave, 15 Arisen's house

Cassardis is a small fishing village in the southeast of Gransys and the homeplace of the Arisen. The village consists of more than a dozen dwellings on the hillside around a sheltered bay. The entire village is surrounded by a protective wall, with a gate leading to Seabreeze Trail guarded by a Watchtower.

The gate leads to the nearest thing the village has to a village square. Here, a well is found that leads down to Dripstone Cave, the Barn, and the village store at Aestella's and Benita's House. Pablos' Inn also faces the 'square'. There is also a Rift Stone here.

From the square, a path leads north to Chief Adaro's House, and south ultimately to the Village Chapel.

The path to the chief's house passes the Arisen's house and two other dwellings - one a Fisherman's House, the other, ruined. An arched gatehouse straddles the path to the chief's house. In the cliffs below the chief's house is a cave, containing a single gravestone.

The path to the chapel passes through the main part of the village, splitting into two on the way uphill. From the square the buildings are: on the right : Benita's House, Heraldo's Grocery, a fisherman's house on the right; and on the left Aestella's, Iola's House, a dwelling ruined by the Dragon, and lastly, two more Fishermen's houses.

In the area between the two paths leading uphill to the chapel are two further Fishermen's houses, dwellings of Merin and Valmiro. The side route leads passed an entrance alley to Inez's Alehouse and leads to the steps up to the chapel, with a second smaller well at the base of the steps.

The Village Chapel is outside the village's walls, now ruined in this part, and has several graves in its grounds.

The village faces the open ocean, with a sandy beach leading down to the sea. The Village Pier juts out into the sea and is the starting place for the quests of Dark Arisen. To the south, a smaller second bay, Starfall Bay, is accessed by a rock tunnel - in Post-Game there is a special rift stone here giving access to the Ur-Dragon.

Far off distance

Much of the roof tops of the village are traversable, accessed by climbing and jumping. Cassardite may be found in the chimneys of Cassardis and nowhere else.

Several places in Cassardis are inaccessible: The gatehouse on the path to the chief's house, the rooms above Valmiro's dwellings, a large hall like building adjacent to the village chapel, and several structures along the village walls.

Daily routines

Villagers mill about Cassardis on their business during the day - at night (signaled by striking of the church bell) many will return to their homes - after dark, doors are locked, shops close, and most dwellings may not be entered. Exceptions are the Inn and Alehouse.

In Dark Arisen, Olra appears on the dock at night to ferry the Arisen to Bitterblack Isle.

Loot and fauna

A wide variety of useful materials can be found in Cassardis: gathering spots, crates, boxes, and chests that yield gold, hemp, minor curatives and so on. The sea yields fish, and the local flora includes Sweet Pollen, Gransys Herb, and Greenwarish. Tools such as the Work Table may be found here. Fauna include two kept Ox and seabirds.

In Dragon's Dogma the useful Airtight Flasks can be bought here, in Dark Arisen one can be found outside Iola's Shop and another on the beach.

Pawn Travel Knowledge

  • Upstairs area of Pablos' Inn (may require sleeping at the Inn)
  • Travelling to the entrance of Starfall Bay
  • Adaro's home, specifically Quina's bedroom, to the left when you enter.  "Quina's room bears such a pleasant scent," is the trigger line.
  • The burned home next to Iola's. Also, entering the room on the right side of it (when facing the beach and stepping outside) triggers a talking point.
  • A pawn may need to visit on a rental to trigger some of this knowledge; this has been known to happen.




The main questline starts in Cassardis with Harbinger of Destruction and continues with Newly Arisen and Upon a Pawn.

Quina's questline starts in Cassardis with Lost and Found.

Most Cassardians have escort quests. These are available from the Notice Board in Pablos' Inn. Several elimination quests are also available from the Inn's board.

Side Quests

The quest An Innocent Man starts here, as does Madeleine's quest-line with the escort quest Guard Duty.

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