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The Catacombs
Dragon's Dogma - The Catacombs
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The Catacombs is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


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An ancient burial chamber of considerable size. Home to the Undead and the meeting place of Salvation.


The Catacombs is a three level underground burial chamber. The Catacombs has multiple exits, but only one main entrance. If you've scouted around Gran Soren before starting the quests Seeking Salvation, or Rise of the Fallen, you may have found The Catacombs already, but been unable to proceed due to locked doors. These entrances are not used to enter the Catacombs for the first time. You may explore a considerable amount of The Catacombs without the completion of those quests, by using the main entrance located in Deos Hills.

Notes Edit

  • Bring Holy enchanted weapons (like Heaven's Key or Cursed Light and the like) into the Catacombs and hire similarly equipped pawns, as EVERY foe lurking within (except one Ogre) is extremely weak to Holy-enchanted weapons and spells.
  • From the Deos Hills entrance (the one with the Riftstone), it is possible...but probably not advisable depending on the weight and HP of one's Arisen... to drop down the elevator shaft to go from the ground floor to the underground level. It is possible-- with a good running start-- to double vault or levitate over the gap. 
  • From the Deos Hills entrance (the one with the Riftstone), many players easily miss a hidden room. Look for a movable indestructible crate tucked into a corner nook which can be "grabbed". Pick up the crate and move it around the corner to a nearby wall with a broken opening at the top of it. Put down the crate, stand on it, and jump up over the broken wall into the hidden room. (Vocations which can use Double Vault don't need the crate, nor does a light character using a staff or Archistave to Levitate.  If you can't reach the top of the ledge to grab it, try lightening your Arisen's total weight by temporarily transferring armor, weapons and items to your pawns and try again.)  There is a chest, a gather spot and usually a Liquid Vim hidden inside, so it is worth the time spent to get in.


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