The Catacombs is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


An ancient burial chamber of considerable size. Home to the Undead of all kinds and the meeting place of Salvation.

The Catacombs has multiple exits, but the main entrance is to the north of Deos Hills. Two other entrances to the Catacombs exist, but are initially blocked - these are under the large bridge over the river near Gran Soren, and an entrance close to one of the broken former fortifications in the Estan Plains outside Gran Soren.

Inhabitants include many Undead including warriors and the stout kind, phantoms, Skeletons including Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Mages, and a solitary Ogre

During the quest A Parting Gift a Specter may be encountered, and the Dark Arisen quest An Unseen Rival III, will see two Living Armors in the tombs.


Dragon's Dogma
Dark Arisen


There are numerous chests, and sarcophagi in the tombs. No plants or mushroom are particularly common, skulls and curatives, as well as throwblasts and similar, and lesser items such as Empty Flasks are common. All kinds of environmental objects such as Pots, Explosive Barrels, boxes and Large Stones are common.

Catacomb Gold is unique to the area's deep level ore deposits.

Gather spots may yield Undead Strategy Vol. 1

First floor

Chests may contain:

  • The chest in the small chamber off a natural rock chamber: Iron Manicae, Iron Armguard or gold.
  • Chest in the small hidden room that has to be jumped up to: an Iron Helm or Ferric Talon.
  • Chest near the main entrance: a periapt, throwblast, gold or curative.
First Level Underground
Second Level Underground
  • One Tier 2 chest laying on a pile of rocks in a room (of skeleton knights) with an entrance to the natural tunnels through a broken wall will contain a Set of Salvation Robes.
  • Another chest will contain the quest item Second Journal Entry .
Other chests will contain one of:

During the quest A Parting Gift a chest will be found that contains a Pilgrim's Charm.

Third Level Underground


  • The Catacombs may be explored at any time, even before the quests Seeking Salvation and Rise of the Fallen.
  • The Catacombs teem with undead - any form of Holy based weapon or magic is recommended.
  • The only non-undead, skeletal or ghostly inhabitant excluding spiders is an Ogre
  • There is a hidden room on the first level of the Catacombs, which pawns will draw attention to - vocations with limited jumping skills can make use of a nearby indestructible crate to gain access to the room via a broken high wall section.

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