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The new skills in Dark Arisen are granted by earrings or rings/bands found on Bitterblack Isle. Earrings

and rings/bands are obtained through the purification of Bitterblack Gear that can be found in chests or as drops from enemies.

A ring, band or earring must be equipped along with the skill in order for it to be upgraded to tier 3.

Sword SkillsEdit

Mace SkillsEdit

Longsword / Warhammer SkillsEdit

Dagger SkillsEdit

Staff SkillsEdit

Archistaff SkillsEdit

Shield SkillsEdit

Magick Shield SkillsEdit

Bow SkillsEdit

Long Bow SkillsEdit

Magick Bow SkillsEdit

Secret AugmentsEdit

New Augments can be found in Bitterblack Isle from high level "Bitterblack Novelty" items. When appraised they can randomly be a scroll that grants one of the new Secret Augments. Which then can be activated by spending Discipline on the Buy Skills menu. You are still limited to only 6 Augments at one time.

Known Augments so far:

  • Acquisition "Hastens the speed with which you gather and mine items" 2,000 Discipline
  • Adhesion "Makes it harder for an enemy to throw you off whilst you're clinging to it." 10,000 Discipline
  • Athleticism "Reduces Stamina consumption from running" 13,000 Discipline
  • Conveyance "Hastens your movement speed whilst carrying a person or object" 1,700 Discipline
  • Facility "Hastens the reloading process for ballistae, allowing you to loose bolts more quickly." 3,000 Discipline
  • Flow "Keeps you from being slowed while fording water or marshland." 4,000 Discipline
  • Grace " Raises the threshold for taking damage from falls, allowing you to safely alight from greater heights" 10,000 Discipline
  • Mettle "Increases the ratio of white, recoverable Health when you take damage" 8,000 Discipline
  • Opportunism "Augments your damage delt when climbing atop a enemy" 11,000 Discipline
  • Predation "Slightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe" 8,000 Discipline
  • Prolongation "Makes your lantern oil last longer, greatly extending its duration of use"
  • Recuperation "Increases the rate at which you recover health from healing spells" 7,000 Discipline
  • Tenacity "Grants a chance that any attack which would reduce your Health to 0 leaves you with 1 Health instead" Discipline 11,000
  • Fortune "Makes it more likely that a foe will drop rift crystals." 12,000 Discipline (acquired by completing "Visions of the end III" quest.)


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