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For walkthroughs see Escort Quest Walkthroughs.

Escort Quests are requests by an people in Gransys to be escorted to certain locations. The goal is to reach the requested destination whilst protecting the escortee from harm from roaming enemies. Escort quests are started by consulting the Notice Boards either at the Union Inn in Gran Soren, or Pablos' Inn in Cassardis. Most characters escort quests start at the Union Inn, excluding those of people living in Cassardis. In the Post-Game, all escort quest will be starting from Cassardis instead since the Union Inn's questboard will be disabled.

Completing an escort quest will significantly raise the companions affinity in addition to a reward of gold, experience, rift crystals and special items.

Generally only a limited number of escort requests will be advertised at any given board, not more than six - complete advertised escort quests to free space for new ones.


  • Many escort quests require a characters affinity to be raised (to a noticeable level of affection) before they are become available.
  • Only one escort quest can be active a time, and no other notice board quests can be started while it is ongoing - the quest can be cancelled by returning to the notice board.
  • Generally escort quests are only available at certain stages in the plot, and are withdrawn once the story moves on if not taken up.
  • See also this link for general optional quests.

Unique Rewards Edit

The following escort quests reward items that are either unique or extremely difficult to obtain by other means. However, all rewards except two are Golden Weapons and will eventually (if not immediately) be outclassed by other, stronger gear, making these quests only necessary for completionists or for style.

This information was based on individual escort quest pages. Not all escort quests have been documented, so there may still be yet undiscovered unique rewards.

Quest Name NPC Start Location Destination Reward
A Delicate Matter Julien Gran Soren The Greatwall Golden Lance
A Parting Tribute Ser Berne Gran Soren The Shadow Fort Gryphic Victory
A Pilgrim's Plight Clarus Gran Soren Healing Spring Keen Dragon's Wit
Company for the Road Steffen Gran Soren Miasmic Haunt Snags of Gold
Scouting Mission Mercedes Gran Soren The Shadow Fort Lustrous Targe
The Heart's Compass Willhem Gran Soren Healing Spring Golden Claw
The Storied Stone Austine Gran Soren (NG+) Healing Spring Golden Meniscus

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