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Escort Quests are requests by an NPC to travel to certain destinations and Location. The goal is to reach the requested destination avoiding harm to the NPC from roaming enemies. The quests are initially started by consulting Notice Boards within towns and cities. Portcrystals can be used to develop a quick travel point, before activating an escort quest, eliminating the need to travel by foot and encountering enemy attacks.

  • Escorting NPCs increases their affinity for the Arisen. Affinity levels carry over to New Game Plus.
  • A ferrystone can be used during the quest to reach the destination more quickly.
  • A Griffin or a Chimera can appear during the escort mission; in the case of weaker NPCs like Madeleine these monsters can kill them with one hit. Having a Wakestone available is helpful.
  • Some escort quests may require an NPC'S Affinity to be raised before they are available on the Notice Board.

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