This DLC is included in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Originally released as DLC for the original Dragon's Dogma game, it is no longer available for purchase.

For players of the original Dragon's Dogma game, the ten items could be purchased as a From A Different Sky - Bundle Pack.

The goals of the quests in this series are simple: obtain special medallions, known as Badges of Vows. The quests appear on notice board below the Pawn Guild.

  • Some quests may only be taken on or completed at certain points in the story, or with certain combinations of vocations and skills.
  • A maximum of 6 quests appear on each notice board at a time, and a maximum of six can be taken on at a time.

These quests are an excellent source of rift crystals. Once collected, placing the Badge items in your inventory and visiting the Notice Board in the lower level of the Pawn Guild on subsequent play throughs will count as completion. Also, know that the promised Rift Cluster rewards are wrong... to the player's advantage. You get 1600 RC as a reward for the ones labeled "Rift Cluster x1" even though a single Rift Cluster is normally only 800 RC. Any RC x2 badges will net you 2400 RC, and the RC x3 badges will net you 3200 RC. Finding all 100 badges will get you over 200,000 RC and exactly 100,000 experience points.