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Main Quests are the primary interrelation to the storyline's progression. These quests are incorporated into stages. The chart below outlines the Main Quest structure and what stages each quest is available. It also should be noted that progression of these quests directly effect some Sidequests as well as influence which items are sold by shops.

Notice! - To eliminate FAILING sidequests during Main Story progression refer to Sidequests and Side Quest Progression for further information.


Main Quest

Stage 1

The End at the Beginning
Harbinger of Destruction
Newly Arisen
Upon a Pawn
Call of the Arisen
A Rude Awakening
Off With Its Head

Stage 2

A Matter of Myrmidons
Lure of the Abyss

(and one of the Wyrm Hunt Quests)

Stage 3
Wyrm Hunt Quests

The Cypher
A Fortress Besieged
Seeking Salvation
The Watergod's Altar
Come to Court

Stage 4
Met the Duke
Royal Orders Quests

Griffin's Bane
Trial and Tribulations

Stage 5
Royal Orders Quests

The Wyrmking's Ring
Pride Before a Fall

Stage 6
Royal Orders Quests

Honor and Treachery
Reward and Responsibility

Stage 7

Deny Salvation (Royal Orders)
The Final Battle


A Warm Welcome
Fathom Deep
Final Judgement
The Great Hereafter

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