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Sidequests are non-Notice Board quests that are also separate from Main Quests. Most require speaking to the correct NPC in order to begin. These quests are required to be completed in order to earn The Hero Achievement/Trophy. It is encouraged to refer to the chart outline below and also consulting the side quest progression page to accomplish this task. Progression of the main storyline and its quests occasionally close out sidequest branches.

  • Please note that many sidequests can be easily missed due to Main Quest progression. Please refer to the Notes section below for a complete list of cut-off points.


Main Quest

Non-Board Quests

Quest Fail Stage

Stage 1

The End at the Beginning
Harbinger of Destruction
Newly Arisen
Upon a Pawn
Call of the Arisen
A Rude Awakening
Off With Its Head
A Matter of Myrmidons
Lure of the Abyss

Floral Delivery
Lost Faith
Grim Tidings
Save Reynard
Strength in Numbers
Guard Duty
Deep Trouble
An Uninvited Guest
Lost and Found
A Troublesome Tome
Land of Opportunity
Reaper's Scorn
Thick as Thieves
Dying of Curiosity
No Honor Among Thieves
Of Merchants and Monsters
Search Party
Deeper Trouble

Grim Tidings
Floral Delivery
Lost Faith
Strength in Numbers
Guard Duty[1]

Stage 2
Wyrm Hunt Quests

The Cypher
A Fortress Besieged
Seeking Salvation
The Watergod's Altar
Come to Court

Chasing Shadows
Escort Duty
Justice Done

Lost and Found[1]
Reaper's Scorn[2]

Stage 3
Met the Duke
Royal Orders Quests

Griffin's Bane
Trial and Tribulations

Rise of the Fallen
The Conspirators
Arousing Suspicion
Witch Hunt
Idol Worship
Supplier's Demand
Nameless Terror
Talent in Bloom
A Parting Gift
An Innocent Man
Farewell, Valmiro
The Dragon's Tongue
Mettle Against Metal
Supply and Demands

Chasing Shadows[1]
Dying of Curiosity
A Troublesome Tome

Stage 4
Royal Orders Quests

The Wyrmking's Ring
Pride Before a Fall

The Conspirators
Supply and Demands

Stage 5
Royal Orders Quests

Honor and Treachery
Reward and Responsibility

Bad Business

Rise of the Fallen
Talent in Bloom
A Parting Gift

Stage 6

Deny Salvation (Royal Orders)
The Final Battle

Duchess In Distress

Search Party
Arousing Suspicion

Stage 7

A Warm Welcome
Fathom Deep
Final Judgement
The Great Hereafter

Duchess In Distress
All Non-Board Quests

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This quest is easily missed and must be completed to trigger many further quests, map area, love interests and/or loot.
  2. This quest is cancelled when Come to Court begins.




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