Time Sensitive or Perishable Items in Dragon's Dogma are part of a time-based item changing process.


These items are a result of carrying them in the party's active inventory for a certain amount of time - they will turn into another, changed variant of themselves. A perishable item will not change or decay if kept in storage at the inn. Perishable items that are growing or just sitting on the ground do not start to change until they are picked up by the Arisen or a Pawn. Even the final state of these items is considered time sensitive in-game for purposes of categorizing, although technically the final state (e.g. Rotten egg or Wilted blossom) will last forever without further change.

Note: Items which grant a timed effect when consumed, such as Liquid Vim, don't count as time sensitive items since they last forever even if they sit in the party's inventory. It is only their effects when used that are temporary. True time sensitive items are those that will change just by sitting in the party's backpack. These are mainly food items and flowers, not bottled potions or tools like talismans. 

Timed Process

Not all items change with the same amount of time required. Certain items change in 2 days, while others may change in 3 or even 1 day.

There are multiple time-dependent statuses with each time sensitive item:

  • Normal
  • Sour/Rank
  • Rotten/Wilted

In general, meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables will change to sour/rank/moldy state in 3 days. It will then change to rotten state in another 2 days.

Flowers change to wilted state in 3 days, they have no third state.

Eggs change to Golden Eggs in 2 days and then to Rotten Eggs in 1 day.

Each item has its own time-based counter, even when stored together in item storage. It is however not possible to tell when browsing the stored inventory and looking at multiple of the same items. Items withdrawn from storage are picked randomly and may not perish in the same amount of time afterwards depending on how long the items had been in active inventory before.

Below is an example table of popular timed item changes:

Original state Second state Final state
Beast-Steak Sour Beast-Steak (3 days) Rotten Beast-Steak (2 days)
Carrot Moldy Carrot (3 days) Rotten Carrot (2 days)
Egg Golden Egg (2 days) Rotten Egg (1 day)
Ambrosial Meat Sour Ambrosial Meat (3 days) Rotten Ambrosial Meat (2 days)

Meat, fruit, eggs, and vegetables are most valuable at their second decay state (moldy or sour). A Beast-Steak for example has a base value of 300 Gold and then increases its value when turned sour to 1,500 Gold. A Carrot goes from 30 Gold to 165 Gold as a Moldy Carrot. Both of these make for popular sell items as they are easy to obtain and have a high multiplier when reaching the second state. Fish and flowers, however, are most valuable in their freshest state. In terms of restorative properties, all meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and eggs restore more health or stamina in their second state (rank, sour, golden, or moldy).

In terms of combining, there is some benefit to letting items rot - Rotten Eggs and Rotten Twigbeans can produce Blinder Arrows; Rotten Scrag of Beast and Rotten Beast-Steak can produce Backfat Oil, and Giant Rotten Fish produces Liquid Vim and Staminal Drench.

Kept Moldy Berries can be traded to Selene in exchange for an ale, and some quests require Sour Ambrosial Meat or its kept version.

The flowers Sunbright and Moonglow become Wilted Blossoms no matter what their previous state, and the Blessed Flower becomes a Dead Flower.

Restoring Perished Items

All rotten items may be restored to their freshest state: Combining the rotten item with an Airtight Flask, then combining the resulting kept item with a flask of Spring Water either from active inventory or storage will restore the kept perished item to a kept raw version, meaning it is impossible for that item to turn moldy, sour or rank ever again. A Wilted Blossom will always become a Kept Sunbright via this process, no matter what the original flower was.

Preventing items from perishing

Any time sensitive item may be put in an Airtight Flask (with the exception of a Blessed Flower) to prevent it from decaying. Once combined with the flask, it will change into a kept state such as the Kept Sour Beast-Steak or Kept Sunbright. Once kept, the item cannot change its state anymore. The now kept item's icon does not change, but in-game it is considered "inside" the flask and kept.

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