Challenger is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the Pawn to act in a way such that it might go after foes wielding ranged weapons or magicks."

This inclination can be raised by focusing on long-range attackers and enemies with support abilities. It can also be raised by using the item Challenger's Elixir.

Challenger Pawns will prioritize attacking enemies who use ranged attacks (this includes Stones thrown by Goblins as the Pawn will acknowledge them) or enemies who cast spells.

Combination Examples

  • Challenger + Scather: This combination is useful in terms of attacking ranged enemies first and then move on to attack the remaining enemies in order of strength. A Strider pawn will tend to mix ranged and melee combat with this combination if ranged enemies are present. The transposed combination is effective on tank style pawns as it ensures the pawn will be deep within the enemy ranks.
  • Utilitarian + Challenger: Although reliant on Bestiary knowledge, this combination will direct the Pawn to directly react with appropriate abilities against ranged attackers, be it with learned enemy tactics (interrupting/silencing spellcasters, etc) or by using crowd control abilities on them. If there are no ranged attackers on the field, they will react according to their current combat knowledge versus the monsters on the field. If used with a team of Sorcerers, this combination encourages Spell Synching.  


  • May cause friction in Pawn behaviour if the pawn's other inclination is Guardian and the pawn lacks ranged attacks as it may rush between the Arisen and distant enemies constantly, reducing its combat effectiveness.
  • See also Pawn Inclination troubleshooting